ants on viburnum

ellenr22July 7, 2005

I posted this on the clinic forum, but I see that people on here are also talking about pests, so here is my question:

I have ants on some of the tips of my viburnum. I don't have much damage. I mostly leave them alone. But I just read that ants can transfer aphids to uninfected parts of the plant. I haven't been able to see any aphids and I have been looking.

Do you think the ants necessarily inidicate aphids and I should treat for aphids?



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Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)

Don't do a blessed thing. Over reactions are common when it comes to 'prized plants' but if you have a healthy garden (and honestly, I don't know if ants will spread aphids), lady bugs and lightening bugs (

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