base of corn stalk/roots exposed

tripodiousJuly 1, 2008

I noticed what appears to be exposed and possibly infected roots on a few of my corn stalks. Have tried to find out what the problem is but am having a little trouble. Rootworm maybe? We have had a few rather windy storms lately and although some of my corn did lean over, these ones haven't. If anyone could tell me what they believe the problem is and whether I can do anything about it. I'm hoping it is no big deal but with plants it could range from no biggie to HORRIBLE!

thanks for any help

Here is a link that might be useful: corn photo

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Well I'm pretty sure I found out it is normal. Thanks anyways.

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What I see in the photo are called brace roots. All corn develop brace roots. They will extend down into the soil before the corn matures to support the stalk. They can be left exposed though some folks cover them with soil, thats called "hilling". Don't worry your corn looks fine... Bob.

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Thanks Bob. Much appreciated.

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