I used to love winter...

keilamarie(z5 Mass)December 15, 2005

Good moring all,

I'm going crazy...this was my first year in my new home and I planted so many things and kept really busy with my yard work. Now I'm going stir crazy and missing gardening so much! I tried to fill my time with houseplants but they are so independant...what do you do to keep from missing spring so much?????


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drafting changes to the garden.

actually MAKING things with the seed pods I collected, flowers I dried, and herbs I harvested.

but I'm lucky- my other obsession is fiber-crafts, so I garden all through the warm months, then sew or weave through the winter.

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Go to the winter sowing forum. It solved all of my gardening desires all winter. We grow flowers in the winter. I love watching my containers everyday, looking for sprouts - and it's so easy - Carrie

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