I have Germination!

dbarron(z7_Arkansas)August 1, 2014

Just had to share a 'Sqwwwee' moment...of germination.
I started a mixed flat of coreopsis lanceolata and Engelmannia peristenia about a week ago....and was hoping that the summer temps wouldn't be too high for germination.

As of this morning, I have at least ten set of little cotyledons of each...sprouting started yesterday.

I started them with intentions of transplanting them into my fencerow in September (when hopefully rains will recommence) for naturalization.

I hope to wintersow some salvia azura (assuming my plants do produce seeds this fall for me) and maybe liatris pycnostachys (also waiting on almost certain seed set) to add a bit more color.

Anyone got anything exciting germinating? Any suggestions for something else I should get planted (I have a number of things now)?

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I'm still waiting for germination on the sand sage but the ring muhly is coming along fine. I plan to set them in the ground in late August which will give them plenty of time to put down some more roots. Its a good time to sow for fall planting in Oklahoma.

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Update. I just checked, one sand sage has germinated. One plant is all I want, I hope I don't kill it. Its such a mild summer its good for starting seed, I wouldn't have sowed in summer in 2011 or 2012 under the heat dome during the prolonged drought.

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Congrats...and you are giving me that one sand sage, right ? :0 (just teasing...it'd be deadly for it here)

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No Barron, its MINE. The Ranger won't share.

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Well, it's not exciting per se BUT...am wondering....I inadvertently germinated some liatris seeds.....they germinated 2 days ago...I'm guessing they won't be of a good size to plant out by Fall so I was considering growing them indoors over Fall and Winter and putting them out in Spring...can they survive next to a window or do I need plant lights, special set up etc etc to insure their survival?? (I live in No VA mtns....nothing like the TX growing season I'm sure :)

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I would suggest they have a better chance outdoors unless you have a greenhouse.

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No greenhouse....I'll plant them out....thank-you!!

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Sorry I am late to this thread. I went into an old box of seed and some emptying out. did a summer planting of 5 year old Aristolochia erecta (swan flower) , scutelleria drumundi, fresh aescalus pavia var flavenscens hybrid collected from the Perdenales river, 3 year old seed of Arroyo sweetwood and we have Blast off. I have ONE ring Muhley. I will try some more in a more drained soil. There is more Out there. Oh yea, Rayless gaillardia from the Ranger.

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