fyi: Metropolitan Plant Exchange in Paramus NJ; 40% off.

tracey_nj6(6)July 2, 2007

They didn't have the greatest selection of perennials, but the entire store is 40% off, except fresh cut flowers. Last day of sale is July 8th. I purchased an Echinacea "Coconut Lime" (was 9.99 before discount), an annual salvia, 2 single shepherds hooks, 2 4' stakes, 2 peony rings and 2 nozzle shut off adapters for $45; total before was $75. Not too bad...

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Same thing in the West Orange store. I always stock up on fertilizers, weedkillers, stakes - the ho-hum stuff that can mount up. Herbs are 1.80 (instead of 2.99) including hard-to-find germander and often higher-priced bay. I'm guessing they do a good percentage of their annual business at this sale; seems a little overpriced to me otherwise.

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2008: The sale is back, now thru July 6th.
Paramus, Fort Lee, West Orange.

I purchased 2 gorgeous white milkweeds, some deck railing pots, a few hanging pot supports to attach to my deck, at the Paramus store. I really wanted some 8' stakes, but they were out. I think I'm going to hit the Fort Lee store, since they have relocated and I'm just dying to see what they have ;)

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I think you will be amazed! Great selection and the everyday laid out so beautifully. Great way to spend some time on that
mental health day. Thanks for the 40% tip! Will hit them soon.

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They have plenty of 8' bamboo stakes as of now at the West Orange store. 1.99 each, minus 40% for the thick ones, 1.49 for thinner ones.

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It's that time of the year again folks.
June 28th thru July 9th, 2009.
40% off entire store & garden center, except fresh flower dept; no other coupons or discounts valid.

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Tracey, do you know if that applies to bag mulched?

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I believe it does organicnoob. I went to Paramus earlier in the week but unfortunately didn't find much. Went to Fort Lee this morning, and although I didn't get alot of plants, I bought an obelisk, a base for a birdbath, half marbles for the bowling ball to put on the birdbath base and some deck pots. The signs say 40% off of everything except for fresh flowers. And duh, I needed 4 bags of cedar mulch...guess I'll be going back.

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Sale extended until July 19th. Good thing; I didn't make it back for my mulch ;)

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Wow; sale extended until July 31st. The ad says extended due to "popular demand". I had purchased some gorgeous milkweed there last year and really wanted some more, which they didn't have in either Paramus or Fort Lee this year (A. incarnata "Ice Ballet"). I'm hoping they'll get in some more perennials.

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I went and picked up a few things, including mulch. Everything in the garden center is 40% off and Tracey is right, the sale has been extended till the 31st.

I was talking to someone about the store and sale and they thought the prices were too expensive compared to places like home depot. This person doesn't know much about gardening. Even at regular price, the mulch is about the same price as HD. The difference is that HD has 2 cu ft bags while MPE has 3 cu ft bags. So the price is cheaper, and then with the 40% off it's a steal. And it's not like they're getting rid of excess inventory. They were fully stocked with all types of mulch including natural, red and black dyed cedar.

Plus the quality of plants seems better there. No issues with early late blight on tomatoes from there.

They had some nice cedar planters. I've always considered them expensive, wherever you buy them from and the sale made me consider buying some but I had already resolved to build my own. More fun that way too.

I just wish they had more organic products. They have a full complement of Espoma "tones" and cockadoodle doo but I really wish they would carry some of the Organica products as well.

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