What Looks Like Rainforest Sunrise...

westy1941(Boulder County, CO)July 6, 2012

...but has fewer veins? Does vein count matter when ID'ing? I mean, do veins increase with age or does a hosta always keep the same number of veins no matter the age. (?) I'm labeling over 350 hosta this summer and so many have lost the original markers or have been raked up by the maintenance people (who are not allowed in the garden but come in anyway). So I have a list I work from because I've written down almost everything I've purchased by year - but I think I missed a few. Can anyone help? Or do I have two of them? (One with more veins than the other and is a little larger). And yes I can post a picture when I get them resized.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Why are you resizing? Give us the full shot through Photobucket. It's easier to ID them with big pics.

BTW, young immature plants may have different vein counts than full growed up ones.


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westy1941(Boulder County, CO)

For some reason, I'm having trouble posting pics. Gotta go re-read all the instructions. I haven't tried posting in over 3 years and I think something has changed since then on GW re pix. I'm going to go out and take pix of the mess the drought has made of this garden soon and I will take pix of these two also. Anyway, your answer helps - that's all I needed to know, really. I never knew the veins increase as they age. Makes sense, though. Thank you.


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Babka NorCal 9b

Westy- Get a Photobucket account. It is free and they do the re-sizing for you. Just paste the HTML code in the text of your message. When you do a "preview", if you can see it then so will we.


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No, vein counts don't really matter when IDing unless the plant in question has a lot more veins than it is supposed to. Young plants will always have less.

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westy1941(Boulder County, CO)

Babka - I have a photobucket account. I don't think the problem was with photobucket - my son is a computer tecchie and said it's something else that has nothing to do with photobucket. He's coming up from the city to help me soon. As soon as it's no longer 115 heat index, I'm going out to take a photo of it. And a lot of other things.


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Westy, GWeb has recently changed the rules or the method to use uploading a picture. If you see the line "image file to upload" it is new. You can do it from your computer, but only ONE PICTURE, and once you put it into preview, it will disappear if you try to edit what you wrote. So don't look back, put the picture in at the last moment. It will only appear at the end of your post anyway.

Here is a picture that I'll choose from my computer, and attach here, a Rainforest Sunrise in a container.

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Dick Ward

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Brother Stefan

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westy1941(Boulder County, CO)

OMG that's it! I have Dick Ward on my list of purchases and couldn't find it. Thank you! I might even have Brother Stefan, which I thought died. I've lost at least half of the ID's over the past few years and when I retired, decided to do this project.

Thank you,

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westy1941(Boulder County, CO)

Ok so are you saying the 'old' method of posting doesn't work anymore? Or are they just giving us another choice? I'm trying to find their 'new' instructions.


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They just gave us an option besides creating a Photobucket or a Flickr account. With the external photo album sites, if you close it down or move the photo, it created a big blank hole in the archives of GWeb. I'm thinking, but haven't asked anyone to verify, that if you upload from your computer one photo directly to the GWeb Message block, that the photo will remain there as long as GWeb has an archive.

The fly in the ointment is, you can only upload one photo per post, do it, post it, and then go back and make a second posting with a second photo.

I'm finding it easy to upload from my computer directly here. I know I said it was not convenient, but that was before I began TAGGING my photos (Windows 7) and the most photos of all are the HOSTA PHOTOS. If I need to find a Rainforest Sunrise, I enter the name in the search box and tell it which files (Photos 2012) and it shows the pictures for me to choose from. I do not have to scan the almost 500 pictures I'm shooting of hosta each month, I can just enter the term which has been added as a TAG, and wow, it works like a charm.

So very pleased that you found your Dick Ward, and maybe a Brother Stefan too. I wasn't sure, but the markings if not the size and texture, were quite similar to RFSunrise.

Good show!!! Isn't Dick Ward beautiful? It is so DURABLE!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

pix 'how to' at link ...

frankly.. RFS looks NOTHING.. in any sense like DW ...

crimminey.. you got lucky .. lol ..


Here is a link that might be useful: use the HTML code ... paste it where you type ..

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Not at home so I can't run out and take a picture but I used to have RFS.right in front of Paradigm and I thought RFS looked like a mini version of it. (I've since moved it to a spot where it would be more visible).

Just an aside, I'm at Roaring River State Park by Cassville (MO) and the rain is coming down in sheets! Hope it's doing the same at home!


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Ken, indeed luck is what I've got, sure not experience. :)

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