The tree trunk scratch test!

paininthepetunia(3)January 29, 2013

Today I took a walk around my snow covered yard in the -25 degree weather looking at out trees, shrubs and vines. I have a weeping caragana that didn't quite make it's way into the ground last fall. I had every intention of burying it in the garden before winter set in but one thing led to another and it never happened. With a guilty heart I accepted the fact that the tree would be toast in the spring. But to my surprise after performing the trusty old "scratch" test the trunk is green! So with new found excitement and hope for this little tree, I piled more snow around it and moved on to "scratch" every exposed branch and trunk that I could find in my yard. My question is - If the tree is green now at the end of January with -25 degree temps will it make it all the way through to spring? Is there anything I can or should do at this point to help it along?

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Well, stop marring your trees, for starters. lol

One of many factors that kill a plant is abrupt temperature changes (warm early morning sun after a bitter cold night, say). Another is breaking dormancy and starting to bud out only to be hit by a hard freeze, that's when a plant that stood -25 easily suddenly can't take 20. If you can avoid these two, it will go a long way toward a plants survival. A simple shade cloth can mitigate both of these. Keeping the sun off will avoid the sudden heat up and also tend to keep a plant dormant longer lessening the chance of being hit by a late frost/freeze.


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