Need A Garden Buddy in Northern Ontario... January

Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)January 9, 2008


Marcia, have u started ordering any seeds yet? I haven't ordered any, but I am thinking about it. Can't believe it's January, where the heck does the time go?

The weather has been mild here the past few days and we have lost almost 2ft of snow! Still lots piled up all over, but can see bits of patches of grass on the lawns.

I have to figure a way on how to get out into the backyard to unplug the Christmas lights. I can't reach over the patio railing and pull them out from the shed, like I could with the garage. I'm going to need to put my hip waders on I think....LOL

I am thinking about joining Curves. I have an appointment to go see them tomorrow. This should be interesting..... *L*

My Christmas cactus is blooming so that is bringing a bit of colour into the house, but it will be months before I will be bringing the amaryllis back upstairs.

How is the baby doing? The new baby here is due Valentine's Day, so that will be exciting... C section so we will be at the hospital awaiting it's arrival...still hope it a gril.....or twins! LOL

Take care

Debbie :-)

Wishing everyone the Best in 2008!!

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Hi I also live in Northern Ontario Kirkland Lake Ont. I am so happy to see ground hog day . I know it means nothing to us , way up here but it is the first mention of spring. I have a 3/4 acre property that I have gardened for 19 years. I started from a clean slate, just lots and lots of grass backed by the bush. I was published last falls in the Ontario Gardener"s Beautiful Gardens. The pics were taken in mid Sept. Not a whole lot left at that time. It was exciting . I am also in Patricia Singer's Great Gardens To Visit , so if your ever up this way my garden is open to visitors. Its not full of expensive statuetts just lots and lots of floweres My favorite are irises ,peony lillies and also hosta (like you) .
Helen B

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Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)

Hi Helen,

I forgot all about ground hog day! And your right, it doesn't count for us up here. LOL Your gardens sound very nice... I would love 3/4 acre to garden in.

I do love hostas, but because of the hosta X virus I haven't bought a new hosta in a few years. Of course, I don't really have that much room for anymore either seeing as mine are growing into monsters. I hate the thoughts of having to move them as I'd need a bobcat machine.....LOL I also love lilies and can never have too many of those. Asiatics do the best up here in our zone 2a.

Are u getting a lot of snow this year? We have about 4 ft now, quite a bit more than we had at the end of last year's season, so I'm hoping I won't lose any plants this year.

Take care
Debbie :-)

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bought my first seeds today. a nice sunflower and some sweet peas. I dont do a lot of annuals. but some are just such an assets that I make room for them. Yes we have lots of snow. Snow cover in the winter is no problem, the problem can come when it melts too quickly and things start to come up. Last year was the only year in 20 that I did more looking than gardening. As I told you I back the bush and I was terrified of getting all wrapped up in gardening and not noticing the bears that were passing through. So I spent my time on bear patrol. Not this year I am going to build a file in my fire pit play loud music and garden, can't wait

Helen in KL

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Hi Northeners. I live in Thunder Bay and have often read your posts. Now I've joined. Great weather to be on the computer. I've ordered my seeds from T&T in Winnipeg but I ahve a few I want from Stokes but find their web site slow. Joan

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Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)

Hi Helen,

Sorry I haven't been around much, but we became grandparents to a baby boy on Feb. 5th, he wasn't suppose to be here until Valentine's Day, so it was a surprise! Daughter in law had to be shipped out of town as the anesthesologist was away on vacation, fun of living in a small town. But Corban is doing very well and is such a good baby, he only cries when he is hungry. And he is sooooo tiny,,, only 6lbs and 18 inches long. So we have been visiting. *S*

We have 5 ft of snow here so far and our front fence has basically disappeared..LOL I was at Walmart today and picked up a few packages of petunia seeds. I'm so glad they had them this year, as last year they didn't get any petunias in.

I'm glad I don't have to look for bears when I'm out in the garden, though when I'm walking around the park I do keep an eye out and in the fall when the crabapples are ripening. Now that our garage is gone they could wander into our backyard, so I guess I'd better get a fence put up. LOL Hubs tells me that bears smell and that I would be able to smell them if one was around,,,but with my luck I would have a cold that day or something......LOL

Hi Joan......Welcome! I use to order a lot of my seeds from T & T but since I'm cutting back on my annuals I thought I'd just pick up the petunias from Walmart. I still have lots of other annuals in my fridge to plant so that will keep me busy. *S* What kind of gardens do u have? I don't do much veggies anymore, but do have a lot of perennials.

How much snow do u have in Tbay? We have had a few very cold days recently in the -30's, but hopefully it will start warning up a bit.

Take care everyone
Debbie :-)

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Trying out planting in pellets fot the first time. The nasturtium seeds sure did well but it will probably die on me before i can put it outside. Also put a couple of tomato seeds in pellet, they are very slow.

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Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)

Hi Clairdo, Great job on the nasturstum! I don't know how well they transplant though, it's been a few years since I planted them. Looks like u have quite a bit of snow too!

I'm going to start a March thread. See ya on the March thread.

Debbie :-)

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