Blad Cypress 'Shawnee Brave' sources?

brownest_thumbJuly 26, 2013

Anyone know of any source for these in NJ? They're beautiful trees!

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Sounds like you are looking for this specific cultivar of Bald Cypress. Maybe I am going to the wrong nurseries, but I rarely see any Bald Cypress being sold (smaller nurseries or the big box stores). They seem to have long tap roots...maybe a problem in a container? Mine were all purchased on line as smaller trees (on eBay actually). My first one went in maybe 4-5 years ago.
I liked it so much, I ordered 4-5 more (still in pots). (Order was bare-rooted.) I don't remember if the first one was Shawnee Brave, but your posting has be wondering because the leaves are a heathy lime green. You are right though, gorgeous trees...much more formal and narrowly compact than I expected. Good because it only has room for vertical growth! Once they get established they do grow at a fair clip. Can be slightly difficult to transplant bare-rooted come to think about it (taproots?). But most will survive. Hope this helps.

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