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ianccJanuary 21, 2006

I usually hang out in the landscape design forum, but consider posing this request in this forum

I am in early development of a application that allows homeowners to design their landscape, with the ability to tie this info directly to plant - price/availability

Before folks go on a tangent and accuse me of advertising, this is simply not the case, I am looking for Beta-Testers to assist in testing

this application and comment on features  the final release is far being available.

I have 28 years as a landscape design-build contractor, and over those years it has taken itÂs physical toll on my body, thus my new venture.

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Well I am not very computer literate but if its something not too complicated I could give it a try.

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thanks for the responce - My main concern is making this as easy as possible, so you would be a good fit

you can reply to the email at the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Homeze

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