foundation shrub suggestions-face West and HOT!

nansaidh6(7)January 3, 2014

My house faces West and receives HOT afternoon sun. I'm looking for suggestions for fast growing shrubs that can handle the heat in summer, the snow in winter, deer, and can fill in my foundation!

I'd love to have Hydrangias for the fullness and romantic look, but that's not gonna happen facing west! Any ideas?
Thank you:)

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Have you considered Russian Sage? I can't find my picture right now, but it has nice grey/green foliage, blue flower spikes in the fall and a strong sage smell that deer probably won't like. Echinacea/coneflower would go nicely with it.

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Last time I had read in a Newzeeland Agricultur blog that they're grown shrub in early summer. These followers, mostly longer than 30 inches within two or three weeks. I think you must Grow them in the end of March.

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