Garden help for sump pump drainage

duffiecatJuly 19, 2013

Hi everyone,

My sump pump has been discharging water very often this summer and its starting to cause issues. Right now, it drains into my landscaped area which doesn't have many plants but is filled with mulch. Raised about 8 inches from the lawn with flat rocks surrounding.

The water is seeping out from under the rocks and causing the lawn there to be very muddy. I can't recall it happening before in the years I have lived here (Cherry Hill).

Can you please offer suggestions on plants I can place there to absorb the moisture or perhaps putting rocks there? It looks like a mess. :-( Or if you can suggest landscape companies which specialize in drainage solutions.

On a side note, is anyone's sump pump working a lot these days even though we haven't had rain in a week?

Thanks - I sincerely appreciate any advice.

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Hey there,
I think the problem is you are discharging the water into a raised area. Ideally, it would be going into a sunken area. The best thing would be to set up a rain garden to catch excess water from landscape drainage or your sump pump. Rain gardens can be very beautiful. The best thing is to use native plants. They have to be adapted to intermittent flooding. Here are some links that might help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Native Plant Society Rain Garden

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dr.liz's suggestion, above, sounds right. Rain gardens can be beautiful and fairly low-maintenance, and the native plants will be a boon to the butterflies and birds in your area.

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