Thank you Guacamole Don for................

DonnaDelaware(7A)July 11, 2014

finally identifying the blue hosta on the right in this photo as 'H' sieboldiana. It was in your top 10 photos. It was also one of the first hostas I planted in my garden.

Thanks again. The mystery has been solved.


P.S. As a bonus, you also identified my Fortunei aureomarginata.

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Well, you're very welcome, Donna. At least, that's what the tag read for my blue, so... Glad to help : )

Don B.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

'H' sieboldiana

==>>> that is a descriptive for a 'group' of hosta.. that are large and blue with s. heritage ... of which all blue plants have .....

it does not an ID a given a single plant ... it just says it belongs to that group ...

but it is really hard.. to ID a big blue hosta... as they tend to all look alike ..

not to mention ... that they sold elegans from seed under the cultivar name for decades.. before they realized they did not come true from seed ...

was this plant recently bought????

there much have been a previous post which i missed .. or i would not have interfered with dons accolades ...


ps: H. sieboldiana.. as written thus.. would make it a species.. and i THINK ... schmid reduced such from species status ... but you can research that at the link ... a pdf

Here is a link that might be useful: link is a pdf ... and do note.. there is apart 2 ... if you dont fall asleep reading part one... lol ...

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Is this for Donna's benefit or mine, Ken? I'm familiar with the history of this plant. If Donna got an I.D. to her satisfaction, knowing how so many big blue varieties are nearly identical, so what?

Crikey, man!

Don B.

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The hosta labeled on Page 33 as 'H' Sieboldiana looks exactly like mine and that is good enough for me.


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