Could this be a Virus?

mbug_gwJuly 12, 2014

Could this be HVX ????
Lakeside Ninita

Please let me know what you think

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mstrecke(z8 Seattle)

Can we get a close up of the leaf at ~2 o clock in the first picture and looks to be 3 o clock in the second picture? It may help clarify if there was the cellular collapsing that you would normally see in HVX.

From a distance some of the leaves look like it could be HVX to me. But would need close up to be sure.

Most of the leaves look like something else.. maybe too much sun or another virus or ???

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Jon 6a SE MA

HVX may be questionable, however it seems that it is some sort of virus. Since it is in a pot, I would throw it out where any type of transfer would be impossible.

Keep in mind that, if it is not HVX, other virus can be spread by insects making it more of a problem. I am sure that this is not good news, but allowing it to spread would be a lot worse.

Or...take it back where you got it if it is new.


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Yes, really bad. How did you get this nasty thing?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

yes.. totally.. completely.. i dont understand the first two answers


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Thank you for the replies....Ken and Chris's going back and I will show them.
Found it at a local place were I get my annuals....I"ve wanted Lakeside Ninita and it was cheap enough that I hoped it was something else that might be temporary.

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Sorry to have to give the bad news. I would be curious to know how a place that doesn't specialize in hostas would have this one and then on top of that be selling one with HVX. I guess that just shows how deeply into the market HVX has gotten where just about anything could have it :(

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Chris....I was surprised to see it too....They probably sell 90% annuals ...only "Non Landscaper" one there. it was just tucked in with the others...could tell it was an old pot with weeds etc.
Knew it could be something bad, but decided to give it a shot.
I've "rescued" some sorry looking ones in the past (mostly from mistreatment) ....keep them isolated and watch.....some turned into some very nice plants and some I had to toss. I'm sure they had no idea they had a HVX plant, but I will inform them.
The people with expertise on this site willing to share with relative newcomers like me is very special....thanks again

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There's a good chance they know NOTHING about HVX. I would print out AHS's brochure on it and give it the manager when you return the plant and explain that it needs to be DESTROYED and their supplier contacted.

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