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sphinx_faceAugust 2, 2013

I have several plants I need to identify because a bunch of things started growing in a patch of dirt we aquired to fill a depression in our yard. I am curious to find out what they are to help determine if they are worth saving and just cause I'm curious. :) I guess I need to start with one at a time?

This one is about 6" tall, the leaves about 3" long and alternating in a spiral formation. I think the leaves are an ovoid shape, the base is oblique and attenuate. Some hairs grow on the leaf undersides, leaf stems and sepals.

The flowers are a white/creamy yellow color, when flattened are a little over an inch wide and are growing at the leaf base. It's like one large star shaped petal (bell?) with 5 points and the anthers are rather large.

It has some off shoot branches at the base but mainly one tall stem that is also a little purple tinted closer to the base of the plant.

I'm not sure if this whole explanation was necessary, or if the picture was enough... Thanks! ;)

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It appears to be in the Solanaceous family, the family that includes Nightshades, Tomatoes and Potatoes.

Does the flower have a darker coloured throat? There is a chance your plant is of the genus Physalis. Physalis heterophylla is fairly common but the yellow flowers are usually pendulus and have distinct darker markings.


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Thanks that really helps narrow it down I think. It looks a lot like those lantern plants but its not very tall. I think I'll just post my next pic on this same thread instead of making a new one to see how it goes. I haven't really spent time investigating this one so I don't have much to say about it ;)

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The next one is weird, it's some type of grass growing out of a gross looking root, with lots of spindly little orange roots.... It seems almost impossible to identify without it growin more but maybe someone knows?

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Here is what the root looks like, there are TONS of these in the dirt pile...

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Columbine? One is more green, the other is blueish and purpleish green.

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These seeds are all over my yard and sprouting out like in the picture. I tried to grow one in a pot outside and it was doing extremely well until a caterpillar ate it... Is it a laurel?

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Could that second be an iris perhaps? Yes, the 3rd appears to be Columbine. Don't know about the last.

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lycopus(z5 NY)

The second image in this thread might be of a cudweed, Gnaphalium sp.

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