Far north catalogs?

wyndwalkr(z4 WI)January 23, 2005

Could any of you nice but also frozen people out there suggest a mail order source for nursery stock specific to zones 2,3,and 4? I live in zone 4 but try to buy zone 3 items because of windy ridge location. Mainline catalogs have slim pickin's. Online would be okay, but don't you really love an afternoon curled up with a hot cuppa and a colorful nursery wish book, with January howling outside?!


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Could you be a little more specific on what you are looking for - trees, shrubs, perennial flowers, ...?

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wyndwalkr(z4 WI)

All three you mentioned--primarily trees and shrubs and foundation plantings.

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For trees and shrubs, Great Lakes Nursery near Merril, WI has a focus on hardiness. These are primarily native trees and shrubs, so they are not going to have the popular cultivars you'd see at many nurseries. Here's their website:

For fruit trees, nut trees and a few shrubs and berries, St. Lawrence Nurseries also focuses on hardy stock. Their website is linked below.

For a catalog from a more conventional offering of nursery plants, the Winter Greenhouse in Winter, WI has a great reputation in it's retail area. I don't think they do mail order, but if you live anywhere near Winter, it's definitely worth a visit. Unlike most nurseries, they have a large display area planted with hardy plants (I think they are zone 3). I've been there twice, and I plan to go again. Here's their website:

Unfortunately, none of the catalogs that I've listed are the gloss and flash type. They simply list the plants with descriptions. I don't know of any catalogs that focus on zones 2,3 and 4 with a lot of color to warm the winter soul. I do hope somebody posts one though, I'd like to have one too!

Here is a link that might be useful: St. Lawrence Nurseries

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Try Gardens North. Perennials for cold climates. There is a web site at:
There is a charge for the printed catalogue. Not glossy, but very descriptive, lots of unusual stuff and a great winter's read.

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For fruiting plants & vegetables - Fedco, & St. Lawrence Nurseries. Both have websites.

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One I've had a lot of luck with is Springvalleyroses.com, -- they have extremely hardy roses and shrubs. It goes down to -30 where I live and the roses/shrubs have survived the winters fine. They have an on-line catalog, not sure if it comes in print too.

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Being that I live in a very cold, crazy northern climate I can relate! If you are interested in roses for cold climates, High Country Roses has a great selection of roses grown on their own roots. They also have a great website & will mail you a catalog if you request it. Also, I have ordered from Ambergate Gardens out of Minnesota and have been very happy with their perennial selection (great root development on their plants). You can find their catalog on the web and they will also send you a catalog if you request one. Hope this helps to chase away thoses winter blues!

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I have ordered from Cottage Farms, great guarantee progream and I have also ordered from Spring Hill Nurseries, also great guarantee program, and nice wishing catolog.

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