Tick Tock

paul_in_mn(4b)August 7, 2012

Picked this one up to replace a hosta that had outgrown its spot. Nice clump form and colors. Seems like a very strong grower with good substance. A sport of Gold Drop.

Tick Tock (3rd year)


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I have one that Myrle gave me but for the life of me I can not remember where it is. Too dark now to go outside but will check it out in the AM ( or I could phone Myrle and she could tell me where I put it) lol. Your's is very nice Paul

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Recently got a Tick Tock and a Gold Drop. Like both of them. Hmmm, I might have to post them separately since I have not uploaded to Flickr yet. Just took them this afternoon.

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And Gold Drop:

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I have had Gold Drop for years and I love how quickly it increases and have split it into many new plants that quickly gain size and look mature.

I use it as an edger, mostly, but two years ago I put a piece into a pot and it looks the best! In the pot the low, mounding shape is really nice and neat and with the lovely gold/chartreuse color, I am thinking I may pot up a few more for under my maple tree where they will brighten up the shade. I should really take a picture to show off because even with the terrible heat we have been having, it looks pristine and fresh! It is shaded throughout the middle of the day and only gets the setting sun for the last couple of hours of daylight.

The leaf substance is somewhat thin, though, and I get more slug damage and sunburn on Gold Drop on the ones in the ground in my back yard.

Enjoy your new babies!

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Thanks!! I think those smaller faster growing hosta are a good addition to any garden. A photo of yours would add to the general knowledge of the forum.

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Amusing thought, seeing this thread. The first time I saw this cultivar it was a circular drift planting around a pole clock, permanently (I think) at 5:01 PM.

The theme of said bed was, 'It's After 5:00 Somewhere', and all the cultivars were things like 'Manhattan', and so forth.

You get the (sorry) 'drift'.


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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

Here's my Tick Tock that I received as a small trade last year. It's turning into a nice little hosta.

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Eleven, I'm noticing that you have your hose spiked into the ground to keep it from crushing your plants.

Is it a soaker hose or one you keep laid out through the beds during growing season?

How long are those spikes? Great idea. I need something like that

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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

That's a soaker hose (since it was so dry this year) held down by ground pins. I found them in the outdoor section at a big box store with all the landscape fabric. The metal looks rusty, so those must be the thicker ones I got a few years ago. The new ones I bought this year are thinner and much less weighty.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

I bought my Tick Tock (bottom right) in 2010. The leaf canopy (like an umbrella) was so dense that any rain or overhead watering just rolled off. I had to handwater the ground from underneath the plant to get water to its roots, which are competing with shallow weeping spruce roots. This pic was taken on May 22, 2012.

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ground pins. thanks for the info. I covered my soakers with bark mulch. However, when I had to replace the hoses after a couple of years, they had turned to shreaded strings, nothing left. Such intense western sunlight on that bed, not for hosta but for rosemary and roses and boxwood and Italian cypress. This year I haven't had to water often, just a couple of times when the soil got powdery dry. Time for new mulch actually.

Irawon, the mound of TickTock you have is really dense! Nice looking plant too. Your bed looks so well taken care of!

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here is my "Tick Tock",,,

a "MUST HAVE" for every garden,,,IMHO,,,

cute,,,compact,,,and a good grower,,,


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Jon 6a SE MA


If you can't find any reasonably priced "ground pins" you could do what I have done often. I take some old-fashioned wire coat hangers and cut them into desired lengths and bend them into "free ground pins"


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Newhostaaddict, your TickTock must be very happy where it is planted. The buds on it do not show a scape, so I guess they are all just leaf height. It looks like a nosegay or a bridal bouquet, and it is perfect shape. I can see why you say every garden should have one. It is lovely.

Johnny that would be fine if I had wire hangers, but now that DH is retired, he no longer has white shirts coming from the laundry, and no wire hangers. I have wooden and plastic only. But you are right, good idea.

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