How close to Well can I plant veggies, etc.?

fossilnut(Z3-4, NE WA)January 1, 2006

We're moving (from Florida) to a lakefront cabin that we recently purchased in NE Washington. I've got a LOT to learn!!! Everything will be so different from what I'm used to...the weather, the plants, etc. etc. Also...we'll have a well and (engineered) septic system which I've never had before. I'm wondering how close to both I can plant. I'd been planning on putting in my veggie garden fairly close to the well but I'm wondering if fertilizing would leach into well water. I haven't used much pesticides here in Florida but don't know what I might do in Washington so that is another consideration.

I've been planning ornamentals and wildflowers near the septic but am not sure whether I can plant on top of it or how close to it?

I'd appreciate ANY comments or suggestions. Thanks!


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How far down is your well? I live in NE WA and since the well is 220 feet down, we dont worry about it. (we dont use chemicals, either)- about the septic, I talked to someone yesterday who planted tomatoes over the septic, because it was warmer! Would like to hear other input- that is a good idea as far as the warmth goes. NE Washington is dry, but if you are by a lake, that will probably be wonderful. The gardens around our lake do much better than those of us away. My friend grows corn on her lakefront garden, I could never grow it, only 5 miles away. Here in Republic, we have only 90 growing days- that really makes a difference. In the Canadian town of Grand Forks, it is zone 3 too, I believe, but they have more growing days, ( a wonderful valley), so they have a much better crop of everything. Deer are the big issue in Eastern Washington- be sure to put in a good fence. Carrots, Potatoes, beets, strawberries, apples, herbs, usually zucchini, sometimes beans, green tomatoes, onions, garlic, raspberries- spinach, kale, broccoli, those are the things that grow well here. Happy gardening in our great state!

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fossilnut(Z3-4, NE WA)

Thanks for the reply.... We're in Republic also! (it's a small world!!!) Our new cabin is on a narrow penninsula on Curlew Lake. I don't remember how deep the well is (I'm in Florida right now and we're in a state of confusion with our home here on the market and trying to pack stuff in our motorhome for bringing to WA). I sort of remember that it was deeper than the lake but can't remember much more than that.

I've got another question on protecting a garden from deer. As we're on a penninsula, I'd been planning on fencing off the penninsula and planting gardens/fruit trees beyond the fence. But I'm wondering if the deer would be sneaky enough to swim around the fence and come feast on my goodies? Or should I fence in the garden(s) seperately?



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Hi Sandy! Can you believe that! I will ask my gardening friends on the lake about the swimming deer, I believe they do swim- so will get back in touch with you. (They were on my front porch in town getting into the compost bucket yesterday)
We are building a new house across the street from the cemetery and Baptist church (hubby is the pastor)- it is on undeveloped grazing land, so fencing is an issue for us. I am ordering several apple trees from St Lawrence nursery this month. Do you have a well then dug already? I know water around the lake is a precious thing.
Maybe your house in Florida will be sold and you can pull into Republic this spring! Welcome to our beautiful part of the Northwest!

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Hi Sandy!
Talked to several gardeners around the lake- The Byam's (of Byam's Cove rd- if you go to Curlew State Park you pass their house on the right) said that the deer swim, they watch them swimming to and from the island, and will get into any garden. You will need a deer proof fence! Katie Richardson from Curlew Kai has a great garden, and can grow tomatoes. She mentioned a family moving here from Florida this year that she had met or heard about close to Sandpiper Way. If that is you, she said you will have no problems there! It really is all in where you are situated. I am guessing you will have a great garden location, much better that those of us in town, or East of Republic (the snow zone). My friend Barbara Keith on the west side of Curlew Lake- on Redmond road, has a great growing season. Kay and Norm Klouzal grow the most beautiful rhubarb ever- they are on the Lake. If you have any specific gardening questions before you get here, ask and I can get you info. Fruit trees that grow well: Apple, Pear, some plumbs, occasionally apricots, no citrus, rarely a peach, no figs, etc. Both of our Nurserys have changed locations this year- My Blue Heaven is going up in Curlew, hopefully it will be ready- lots of people get their plants in Colville- I tend to start my own- but you may want to bring your garden mags along.
Have a safe trip!

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fossilnut(Z3-4, NE WA)

Thanks Teri! We're on the North End of the lake (the end of Julian Bay Rd.) If anybody's interested, I've posted a link with pictures (I'm worse than a new Mom with baby pictures!) I'd really hoped to be able to just fence off the penninsula to keep the deer out but I'd already suspected that it wouldn't work too well. I'd seen deer wading in the lake but never swimming. I guess I'll just have to put "fence making" on my list (I've got a BIG list).


Here is a link that might be useful: Our piece of paradise!!!

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