Lonicera albiflora?

laylaa(7b)August 25, 2009

This is a shrub honeysuckle I found in the woods - part shade, moist area, zone 7b. Looks just like Lonicera albiflora Western/Texas White Honeysuckle to me but that isn't supposed to be naturalized here in Georgia. Is there any similar plant to Lonicera albiflora this could be? Branches are stiff, 4' shrubs, somewhat twining. Extremely fragrant. Big, large fragrant even. Yie.

While I found a bloom now, the plants are not in full bloom.

Sorry for the wretched photos. I must stop my bad habit of grabbing leaves off things as I run by to later figure out. If this is Lonicera albiflora and it won't eat my land, I may have to plant it. Super, pure white flower and lovely rounded shape to the shrub. Darker foliage than invasive Lonicera - and did I mention it is very fragrant?

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knocking this down. Will worry about it later! :)

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This is Lonicera japonica - Japanese Honeysuckle - very fragrant but can be invasive. Have several of these in my garden.

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