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AutumnSunRising(4a-4b)January 24, 2013

Wanted to know if I can grow flowering dogwoods, yoshino cherry trees, pink flowering almond tree, and red bud alba. There are others, but can't find 'em right now lol.

But would like to know if I can grow these successfully in my zones.

Thanks Jae

PS, how do I add stuff to my journal and wish lists and such?

Thanks :)

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It's quite hard to give general advice about zone-pushing (or zone denial) without more specifics about your location. Where are you and how long is your growing season? Are you in an exposed location?

Very generally, it seems that you're pretty marginal for all of your listed species. Flowering dogwood survives as far north as Ottawa (zone 5-ish), but it's very likely that low temps will kill off most or all of the bracts (no showy 'flowers'). Redbud is equally iffy.

There are, however, a number of lovely flowering trees that will survive (and maybe thrive) in zone 4. Black locust is really underplanted, and it puts on an amazing display every June. American linden (and many of its hybrids) has an amazing fragrance, and is well worth a look. And, while I'm never a fan of invasive foreigners, I have to admit that I love the smell of Amur maple when in flower.

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