New shoots around Maples

wally2k1(z5ME)January 27, 2005

I am constantly cutting new shoots on a couple of my maples. They are growing from the very base of the tree at the soil line. I have cut so many it is messy looking. Any help on how to stop these would be appreciated.

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LauraBC(z8 BC Cda)

Don't cut them off, get right down into the dirt and rip them off at the base. I just went to a pruning clinic today and that was the nursery owner's suggestion. You have to get them right back to the trunk of the tree.

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jannie(z7 LI NY)

My husband is retired, and spends his time outdoors hunting down these suckers and ripping them out. He even uses a dandelion weeder to pull out the roots! He has made such a mess of our backyard. It's full of lumps where he pulled out maple tree suckers. I will yell at him and tell him to stomp down the lumps, don't just leave them for me to trip over!!

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Thanks for all of your advise. We will try cutting them off at the base of the tree once the snow is gone.

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