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daveycrockett(4)January 12, 2006

Hi, does anyone near Sudbury, ON have either a Brittle Pear (Opuntia Fragilis) or Beehive Cactus (Escobaria vivipara) for sale or trade? I've had a Prickly Pear (O. Polyacantha) growing outside for two winters now. I find it fascinating to watch people's faces when they see it growing outside where winters average about -20 degrees C and about 3to 4 feet of snow cover. My Prickly Pear has three or four pads and I would be willing to remove and root one or two pads to trade for the other two species.

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abgardeneer(Z3, Calgary)

Can't help you with the trade - you might try the Canadian Exchange forum - but it is interesting how few people realize that cacti species are native to Canada.

Here is a link that might be useful: Native Cacti in Canada

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triple_b(BC 5b)

We have rolling cactus on our hills above town.Those little balls that just sit on the ground, waiting for you to step on them. Down near the border, by Osoyoos, it is true desert. Everything but the tarantulas.

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abgardeneer(Z3, Calgary)

I was reading a magazine (Canadian Geographic, I think) at the gym the other night. There was an article in it about tartantula species that occur in BC - some known for some time, others expanding their ranges. Not exactly the really hairy guys you see in the SW US desert, but good-sized ones, anyway.

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There are many cacti species that can survive in Canada! I'm my zone 5 ish garden in fernie British Columbia I have about 30 species that survive outside! Have you looked into the cholla cactus? They are deffinetely worth looking into. Many types are hardy in our climate! Good luck with your cactus gardening

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