Transplanting pots

MrsThall12March 31, 2014

Hi Guys! First Post :)

So Im getting ready to start some seeds. I am using a cell like systen with cover and warming mat. Once It gets warmer I want to move to a small greenhouse, my question is what do I transplant these cells into? for example, tomatoes and peppers. I want something that will have minimal disturbance when transplanting into raised garden bed.


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tree_oracle(z6b MA)

I transplant mine into 3-inch peat pots that I can just plant directly into the ground. There's no root disturbance at all. You can buy peat pots cheaply (a few cents per pot) at various garden supply sources online.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hi Mrs Thall12, and welcome to the forum!

I'm starting seeds in cells too and just about ready to transplant. I've been advised to transplant into just the next size pot. Evidently if you put a small plant into too large a pot, there is too much moist soil without roots and it stays moist too long and creates an unhealthy situation for the seedling. I used to have a lot of smaller size pots but I haven't found many around the house this year. Another idea is to use paper cups, with holes punched in the bottom, which you can peel away before transplanting.

I haven't liked using peat pots. It's a nice idea, that you are reducing disturbance when you plant out, but I've felt the peat pot does not disintegrate quickly and restricts root growth in some instances.

The main concern I think is that you don't slow down the plant's natural growth spurt, by letting it sit in too small a pot too long. Transplanting up to the next size at the right time and then into the ground should keep the plant from signaling to slow down growth. I have not had any issues with disturbing the plant when I plant out from ordinary plastic or clay pots. A week of 'arranging' shade for the new transplant once it is in the ground, has always been all my plants have needed to settle in and start growing.

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You guys are great! Thanks very much. Weve always been inground gardeners, always late in the season for seed starting etc and this year I am taking over it :)

I think when the seeds are ready, I'll try the cups and stick them in the green house.

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Welcome MrsThall! I can't help you much, as I wintersow and then plant out directly, but I did want to say hi and welcome you to the forum! Good luck with your transplants!


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