Where are the butterflies and bees?

karen64(6b)July 8, 2014

I added a butterfly garden last year - really looks great this year. My only regulars are Japanese beetles. I put out one of those yellow and green bag traps to alleviate. But where are all the cool garden insects this year?

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jerseygirl07603 z6NJ

I haven't seen a Japanese Beetle in over 15 years (thank goodness). I, too, planted a butterfly/hummingbird garden and put up a hummingbird feeder but haven't seen either. Yet. Still hoping.

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I'm in Mercer County. Previous years plenty of humming birds and such. Always the Japanese beetles but they seem early this year.

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Loretta NJ Z6

Hardly any to no butterflies here too. Maybe the hard winter? I'm missing a lot of regulars. Still, I have a gross amount of Asiatic Garden Beetles. At least I have seen the Golden Tortoise Beetle on my morning glories and green bees on the echinacea.

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There are some butterflies in my garden. Just some wild flowers. I have tons of bees buzzing on my Kabocha pumpkins, so many of them. So I do not have to worry about pollination.

I've also destroyed two wasp nests. I do not know if they are yellow jackets. But they are yellow. They are awful bad.

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I planted scarlet runner bean on my deck in several big pots. I get one or two hummingbirds all day long, from early morning to twilight. I harvest the beans for my dogs, who love them.

I also have bees all day long, all kinds, (honey bees too) and bumble bees that are fat and velvety. I haven't seen bumble bees like that since I was a kid.

I think the birds like the baby beans too. I had a cardinal yesterday that looked like he was on steroids, so fat and red. All this from a little humble bean with pretty red flowers.

It's not too late to start some now. Plant it near a window, it's fascinating to watch the activity. Good luck. The bees need all the support we can give them.

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Loretta NJ Z6

Ended up with plenty of bees and a rising honey bee population too. A few butterflies showed up eventually but not the usual numbers or variety.

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