Withering Leaves on Potted Japanese Maple

Laozi2408July 10, 2014

I have had this green japanese maple for about 2 months. After I bought it from the nursery I planted it in its current pot and it has been out on my balcony since then. The balcony is very shaded and only gets direct sunlight in the early morning. At first I was watering it every two days but then I noticed that some of the leaves turned brown and withered. So for the last week I have been watering every day. However, I have now noticed that more of the leaves have withered in places. The stem and the branches seem healthy and I keep the soil moist. The pot has holes in the bottom and some broken pieces of clay pottery at the bottom to allow for drainage.

Any advice as to what might be going wrong would be greatly appreciated!

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Loretta NJ Z6

Could you be over-watering? Is the soil staying very wet?
Also, are you adding fertilizer to the water? Too much fertilizer will scorch leaves.
That being said. I lost a very young Japanese Maple this year to an unknown infection. It leafed out beautifully but then the leaves turned brown and crispy and the tip of the stem started to die back until the tree was dead.

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