So have you harvested veggies yet? Which ones?

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)August 10, 2005

Have you harvested veggies yet? Which ones? I'd love to see photos..... here your opinions of what you grew, varietiess etc. :)

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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

Plenty of cherry tomatoes (Supersweet 100), my Early Girls produced at the same time as my Big Boys, go figure...but we've been harvesting those since late July. Some smallish green peppers, plenty of cucumbers & eggplant. And string beans.

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carlanne(7 NJ coastal)

I had greens of course, but my biggest treat this year so far has been a really good crop of Yukon Gold potatoes grown in a very large planter. No eggplant yet but they are also in planters and probably need more space to really produce.

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We've been getting lots of tomatoes in the past 2 weeks.
My favorites so far? Black cherry, Sophie's Choice, Cherokee Purple & Marianna's Peace. Still waiting on my fav from last year, Aunt Ginny's Purple. The larger beefsteaks are taking their time ripening!
The eggplants aren't ready yet, another week or so. I've picked lots of hot peppers and a few sweet ones, too. I planted a Tawny Port Pepper this year. It's a real pretty brownish/greenish sweet pepper. I haven't tasted them yet. The zucchini was doing great until the vine borers killed 3 of the 4 that were planted! :( Lots of cukes, they just love this weather!
We have terrible problems with fusarium wilt here (Bayville)on the tomato plants. The plants are still going, but a few are just about hanging in there. The worst hit was Kellogg's Breakfast, Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red & Rutgers.
I've gotten tomatoes from the Rutgers, but not the other two. I'm hoping the plants last long enough to ripen the tomatoes!
It's been a good year though, much better than last year!

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harleypepperhead(NJ Z6)

I have had many peppers. I am growing Jalapeno, Cowhorn, Hungarian Wax and Bonnie Bell green peppers. They are all doing well. Waiting to pick some more jalapenos so I can make another batch of poppers. The first ones were great. Also have Beefmaster and Celebrity tomatoes but they keep getting rotten bottoms. Have had a few good ones but more rotten ones. Maybe a calcium problem???

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