Peanuts in Chicago-Stop Laughing!

thecurious1(z5 Chicago)February 9, 2006

Hi All- Dont ask what possessed me to attemp peanuts in Chicago. I guess I just got seduced by the verbiage in the Southern Exposure seed catalog. At any rate, now that you have stopped laughing, can you help me understand what I will need to get a small crop? I am only growing a five foot row. Outside of the routine soil ammendments of compost and compost tea, are there other things that peanuts need? Is full sun the only option? Are their companion plants that they grow well with? Should I start them in the house?

I'd appreciate any help,thanks again.

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Lilliputin(z5 NS)

My mother use to grow them up here in Nova Scotia during the summer. That was years and years ago now, but I don't remember her doing anything special.

The peanuts develop like potatoes, below the soil, attached to the root of the plant. I believe they are rather heavy feeders, but if you provide them with full sun, fertilizer, well watered in soil that is not too heavy or compacted they should grow just fine for you.

If you have heavy clay soil like I do, try mixing in some peat moss and FRESH cat litter [or garage floor dry...which is what I use for cat litter, cheaper and works better. You can find it at any home depo/auto store] to break up the clay

Best of luck, let us know how you make out with 'em.

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Hi Curious - I grew peanuts years ago, near Ottawa,ON. I was on quite sandy soil, and watered a fair amount, but didn't do anything else too exciting. I was doing the whole organic, Harrowsmithy thing at the time. I am sure I got the seed from Stokes. They grew very well, and were yummy once I figured out how to roast them! They do grow a bit like potatoes, in that they develop underground, however: they send up flower stalks, which as they mature, bend to the earth (into my paths!!!) and the peanuts grew off of these (underground). The good news is, we don't have any peanut pests up here!!


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