nanking cherry

rebaru(z5 QC)February 27, 2005

I have another shrub question, as I get ready to make my final decision and order. I've read about nanking cherry and it sounds so wonderful, but I read on one site that it needs cross pollination. Does anyone have experience with this? Do I need just another tree, or does it also have to be a different variety?

Thanks, Rebecca

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I have 7 bushes planted in a row and get almost a 5 gallon pail of berries in the fall.Makes for good juicing which I process and put into jars.This lasts me almost thru the winter.The odd times I turn the juice into wine,which is quite palatable.The oddity is that one of the bushes produces only white berries. The taste is the same. Nankings are easy to grow,only problem I have is to watch out for porcupines,they like to chew on the bark. fRANK

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Yes, you need something else to pollinate with.
I had 2 bushes for many Years, but never had fruits??, perhaps was the same kind? One Winter, Moose chewed them down pretty bad, one was almost completely gone and
that was the end of it.
So I had one bush left, still no fruits, till I had some plums around and I think
they do the pollination, now have cherries every Year.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

We have two bushes in our yard. They didn't produce for many years, until my husband got the bright idea to cover them during late frosts (we just throw a tarp over them). Now they produce quite a few cherries each year, and make an excellent jelly. Baby robins love them, too!

They're easy to start from seed (i have seedlings coming up all the time, just yank them out), and this year i'd like to start a bunch of them to plant out at our property north of here.

Frank, how cool! An albino cherry! :)

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Persian_Shield(z5a canada)

Yes you do need two different cherry trees.thay need to be cross pollinationed .a cherry will have fruit but it will drop,crossed with another will set the fruil to tree thay will not drop off.I bet the tree you have is covered with flowers in the spring but all the baby cherries that develope drop off and thats why.

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rebaru(z5 QC)

Thanks! I have now ordered two, as it seems there don't have to be two varieties for cross pollination. One mail order nursery said I could even plant them in the same hole, if space were an issue. I can't wait to see them in action - next spring maybe. I ordered them to be delivered in the fall.

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BettyD(z5 NY)

Make sure you wrap the trunks in the winter. Voles like them too, and completely stradled two of mine. They're beautiful in bloom--enjoy them!

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Does anyone know if there's something I can do to save my cherry trees. I have 4 of them and the mice burrowed into the snow this winter and had many of dinners on the bark of my best tree. Luckily only the one but I'm wondering if I could wrap it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! I make wine with the cherry's and it's so yummy.

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We have 4 Nanking cherry bushes that we have had for several years with blossoms in the spring but NO fruit. Do I need a different kind of cherry bush to cross pollinate? If so, what kind would be best? if not, any ideas so we can have cherries?

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rebaru(z5 QC)

my two are the same, just two separate plants, and they flower and fruit.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Probably seedlings, [good pollinators].. you wouldn't know the difference.
You might want to grow some easy growing sour cherries
like Evans, self fruitful, since I grow this one the Nankings are mostly ignored now.

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