bluestone walkway installation

gmilichAugust 9, 2005

We are getting close to starting on a walkway. We have decided to go with square bluestone wet laid with a slight curve (like a half moon shape). we are talking about 260-285 square feet (about 46x4 and then about 8 1/2-10x8 1/2-10 front entrance) . One stone mason said it would take him about 7 days to rip old concrete walkway, prepare and lay the new walkway. The other said 2 days total. I asked the 2nd about the prep and he said a "rough" concrete base then the bluestone laid in concrete. I asked about drainage and pitch and both said don't worry we'll take care of it... is there anything special to be aware of here? I asked about cracking and any use of expansion joints. The 2nd guy mentioned he could cut with the saw tiny "expansion joints" every 8 feet. Will this help? I have seen the 2nd guy's bluestone walkway work and I like it. I just don't know how the 1st guy could spend 7-8 days and the other 2 days(BTW the 7-8 days guy is about 40% more costly). The 1st guy has a very good meticulous reputation in the area and we have seen his stone work .. although still like the look of the 2nd guy's walkway. We don't want to have problems down the road with any "corners" being cut? What is the recommended prep and installation process? and what is the recommended way to deal with "expansion" and/or prevent cracking? and drainage? and size if joints between the stones? Thanks.

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Birdsong72(7/Northshore NJ)

I've stated same on other posts that ask the same question. Installing on a dry bed (stone dust & 3/4 gravel mix) is far more preferable (and the stone never breaks because of ice between the concrete & bluestone).

Good luck with your job. I'm sure it'll turn out fine. Doing it the dry way is much less expensive. I intend on doing one later this fall or next spring.

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