garlic and roses

summerf(z5Canada)February 17, 2005

Hi, i recently discovered that growing garlic among your roses keeps away unwanted pests. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia and want to plant garlic this year. What I need to know is WHEN do i plant, and do I simply plant a garlic bulb which you buy at the supermarket or is there another way. thanks for any help.

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LauraBC(z8 BC Cda)

I got my garlic bulbs at a gardening supply place, though I have also tried growing the ones from the grocery store. I planted in spring and both types did grow, but they never amounted to much, wasn't planning on harvesting for the garlic just wanted to keep the bugs off the roses and I've also read that the garlic makes the perfume of the roses stronger. I broke the cloves apart and planted them around the roses. I'm still not quite sure exactly how you plant the stuff to get it to grow to harvest, but I am thinking this year I am going to take my garlic chives and plant them around the roses, see if that works. The garlic chives get a really pretty little white flower in the summer that lasts quite a long time. I didn't have any pests on the roses last year and I had aphids the year before, so I am guessing it was the garlic. Don't know if that helps at all.

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JessePa(z5 pa)

In my area garlic is best when planted in the fall (late Sept. early Oct.) I didnt always plant in the fall and found my spring planted garlic was a disappointment. I plant the "stiff-neck" garlic and order it with seeds,from a catalogue. Russian Red has been my favorite.It likes fertile well drained soil,in my experience. This is the first year I had above ground green growth in the fall.It will be interesting to see how it faired. (its under snow right now!)

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I plant my stiff neck garlic in the fall. Separate each individual clove, and plant 3" deep & 5" apart in a sunny bed. I also mix in lots of manure in the bed when I plant, and cover with straw for the winter. Garlic doesn't like wet feet, so make sure it's a well drained area, otherwise; you'll see yellowing & stress marks on the leaves. In mid-July, cut off the tail (at the very top) when it starts to curl - that way you allow the bulb to mature. Wait a couple more weeks, then harvest if you like.

Roses are my favourites, but I'm not exactly sure what type of pests garlic will detract. Probably aphids, sawflies & other small sucking insects, but if you have anything like JB's or Rose Chafers (like I do), it might not be that easy. I'll believe that when I see it, as these monsters are very difficult to deal with. I've planted a few garlic bulbs around my roses last fall - it really doesn't hurt to try, and see what happens.

Best of luck :)

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