New Cold Hardy Nursery

troman1973(4)February 26, 2013


I have not posted on here for awhile. Been a long time tree lover and I am finally getting to work at a tree nursery. Our nursery just started selling to the public. Although we can NOT sell to North Dakota residents, we are able to sell to all other states. Almost all trees are grown here in North Dakota so you know they are cold hardy. I believe they have a reasonable price and I know the quality is excellent. The nursery has been around for over 80 years. Please check out our website if you would like to purchase a cold hardy trees. I am not sure on Canadian orders online, I know we ship to Canada, but not sure on the retail side.


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Do you carry any yucca or palm trees?

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We do carry yucca, I don't remember now if we are sold out or not. And when you say palm trees are you talking sumac ? Because no nursery in north Dakota will ever grow actual palm trees :-)

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WOW this is really exciting. I just went to your webpage and I am in the process of moving to South Dakota and am interested in several of your selections!

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We are having our year end clearance right now, where we open up the nursery to the public. So if you are close enough you could come right to the nursery and shop for what you want! You can also put an order in online if you live to far away and we will ship for $20 if the order is under $100. I will look for your order! :)

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