Need A Garden Buddy in Northern Ontario...February

Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)February 1, 2007

Hi everyone. hard to believe that tomorrow will be Ground hog day! Winter sure seems to be going fast this year with all the mild weather we had in December and January.

I haven't gotten any seeds growing yet in the house but I will be starting soon. I have been looking in Walmart for wave petunias but nothing so far.

We don't have much snow,,, less than a foot, which for us is nothing. It has been cold the past week or so though,,, -30's.

Going to check out the January thread.

Take care

Debbie :-)

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den_vic(BC Canada Z8b)

The mild weather in the east was in the news. Sudbury & North Bay have seen milder winters over the years and this year was obvious. The impact there does not seem as damaging (eg: pine beetles) as the changes in BC. The ocean temps have risen a little and that is evident by Camellias flowering earlier in Victoria. Senior gardeners tell me that Victoria's spring trees flower earlier. Seniors in Ontario tell me of colder winters in past decades. Here's a current image of Victoria.


Here is a link that might be useful: February Camellia

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Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)


Well the snow has finally hit, we got a bit over six inches the other day and it has snowed some more.

We still don't have 2 ft but we are getting there.

I have brought up a bag of my amaryllis and 1 of the 3 had a flower stalk on it. I am wondering how many more in the basement have stalks on them? LOL
I still haven't started any seeds, but I think I will do some cuttings today and see if I can get some to root. I have been looking for wave petunia seeds here in town, but haven't found any yet. I use to get them at Walmart, but it doesn't look like they are selling them this year.

I have been taking classes on the net for Paint Shop Pro and it has been keeping me very busy! And I might add, out of trouble too..LOL

Take care
Debbie :-)

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Hi Debbie! Not much going on in my neck of the woods. :) I've ordered some seeds and most have come in. Last weekend, i did about 14 containers of winter-sowing. Hopefully i can get more done this weekend, and some indoor sowing too. I've done nierembergia, vinca and lisianthus, and have sprouts now in all of them.

So you got the snow we sent you? Heh heh heh - hope you like it! We only got about 4 inches out of that storm, and we sure don't have much on the ground - a foot or a little more. We're supposed to get a couple more cms over the weekend. I'm just glad the really cold stuff is over. That was brutal! Hard to believe that February is almost over and that there's only two more weeks until March Break! That's when i'll get a bunch of planting done, i hope. I'll also be helping my son's gf's daughter with some planting. Her birthday was in January, and i gave her a heated tray and a bunch of seeds. She needs to be initiated into the art of winter sowing, too! And i'll also have to do some planting with the little grandguy. He likes to plant blue flowers for his mom, so we did bachelor buttons last year. :)

That's about it. It'll be bedtime soon. I'm in for a pleasant weekend because i gave dh my cold. :) I had it last weekend and he probably didn't even realize i was sick. However, i've had to realize pretty quick that he is now! LOL


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Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)

Hi Marcia,
I'm going to be sending that snow back to u with interest! LOL
Where do u order your seeds from? I need wave petunia seeds but I hate the thoughts of paying such high shipping rates for a couple of packages.
That is great that u are getting the young ones into gardening. Don't forget nasturiums....they grow fast so kids like those. *S* How old is your son's stepdaughter?
Take care and I hope your completely over your cold by now, stay away from hubs though, cause he now has germs. LOL

Debbie :-)

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

Hi Debbie - i order seeds from McFayden's, Vesey's, Dominion Seed House and William Dam. The petunias came from McFayden's. You can get to them all online. Actually, last fall the Hort. Society ordered some plant plugs for the club and some of us ordered plugs for ourselves, so most of my petunias will come from there. I already had these seeds and some impatiens. So i'll have more room for starting some different things - though come the middle of April when those plugs come in, i can foresee much crowding in the house! LOL Maybe that will inspire dh to throw up a greenhouse real quick! :)

Savannah turned 9 in January. She had a nice little garden behind their house last summer, but they moved in the fall. I don't think they'll be staying in the present house either if they don't have to because they've been out of water for a month now. My son would like to buy some land and build their own place but that's still in the offing. She's going to have to have a portable garden from the sounds of it! I'll keep the nasturtiums in mind - if we start things in March, they should be plants that take a little longer. Nasturtiums can wait another month.

My cold is at the congestion-in-the-morning stage - on the lungs, i mean. I'm still blowing my nose a lot, but i feel okay. Dh is already at the whining stage. :) Men are such big babies! LOL

Anyway, i've been working on the town newsletter all morning, so now i'm going to play with some seeds. First i have to shovel a path to my storage area under the deck - exercise first, play with seeds as a reward!

Talk to you later!

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rosedust(3a Winnipeg)

You could try T&T seeds for wave petunias. There shipping and handling is only a toonie if it is less than 10 packets. They have a website as well. I have started my lisiantus a month ago as I find they grow sooo slow. I also have geraniums, pansies and carnations going. Wish time would go faster so I could start the quicker growing plants. :)

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Debbie_N_Ontario(zone 2)

Welcome Rosedust *waving*
I did order some from T & T yesterday. I like the fact that I don't have to pay a lot in shipping. I only ordered 4 packages of different petunias so that will do me. Thanks for posting that. I had forgotten all about them and I didn't even look at their catalogue this year. Got it a while ago and just threw it in a corner.

Have u been gardening long? What kind of plants do u grow?

Marcia, how is the cold doing? You have to tell me what the heck plant plugs are?

I'm going to start a March thread...I know I'm late. But I have been busy playing with my PSP.

Debbie :-)

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