'Knockout' Roses in Zone 4

ZebrinaZ4NYS(z4NYS)February 25, 2005

Does anyone have experience growing Knockout Roses in zone 4. Do they really take shade and are they really hardy in z4 - tip hardy? cane hardy? crown hardy?, or dead! Appreciate any info from a z4 gardener. Thanks.

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I haven't heard that they are shade tolerant.

Mine has not grown significantly larger in the two years since I planted it, and roses do well for me here. So far, I am not impressed with its bloom or rate of growth. It seems to be quite hardy with little winter die-back, is not prone to disease, but it just doesn't seem to be very vigorous.

I gave my mother-in-law (zone 5) a "Knockout" rose, and her results have been the same.

If you are looking for a hardy shade-tolerant rose, the hybrid musk "Ballerina" does really well for me (own roots/not grafted). Though it dies back significantly, it grows quickly and blooms repeatedly. Mine is 8 years old and never fails to perform.


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butterflygarden(z4 NE WI)

I have one and it started doing well last year after I moved it three times. It's finally in a lot of sun on the southwest corner of my house. I don't have to spray it, and it survives the winters in Green Bay.

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To KMS4ME: Kate,thanks for the info. I have always liked 'Ballerina' but wasn't sure how fast and good the grow back would be in z4 with our late spring & summer. Disappointing to hear the poor results of your 'Knockout', never mind trying to grow it in shade! Now I think 'Ballerina is a much better choice for me. If you know or hear of any other z4 hardy long blooming roses that do well in open shade, w/ a few hrs. am sun, I'd appreciate hearing about them. Thanks again. Zebrina.

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To butterflygarden: Thanks for relating your experiences with 'Knockout'. Kind of knew the hype on this rose was too good to be true. Glad your's is doing better now. Do you grow any hardy long blooming roses in shade? The spots I need to fill are in open shade w/a few hrs. of am sun. Think I will take Kate's suggestion (see posting under 'Knockout')and try 'Ballerina'. Thanks again. Zebrina

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ian_bc_north(z3 BC)

Hello Zebrina,
You could check out "The Hunter" which is a crimson double rose.
I have "Scabrosa" which is a mauve-pink single rugosa rose. It does well for me in zone 3.


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Though it's only a one-time bloomer, rosa rubrifolia does really well in the shade. The pink "wild rose" type flowers are pretty against the blue-green foliage as are the large red hips that follow. The foliage also turns a beautiful yellowish orange in the fall, and the hips persist into early to mid winter. There is little or no tip die back and the thorny canes resist rabbits, deer and voles. It also gets tall enough (5-6 feet) to grow a small shade tolerant clematis on it--I have Kermisina growing in my R. rubrifolia. Its flowers appear to give the rose another blooming season, and the whorled clematis seed heads are a nice contrast to the red hips of the rose for great fall interest.

I think rosa rubrifolia is an overlooked gem, especially for those who need a shade-tolerant, cold-hardy rose for their garden.

Good luck! I know you'll find something you really love.


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To KMS4Me: Thanks for the info on R.rubifolia. The idea of growing a shade tolerant Clematis with it really appeals to me. I had disregarded 'once bloomers' because I would really like more flowering during the summer. I've had good luck growing Clematis' and ordered two of "Silver Moon" (shade tolerant) this season for another shady spot. The sites I'm trying to fill are in front of the house on both sides of a walkway. The height of R.rubifolia will be just right and I'll get roses, clematis, seed heads and hips! Thanks so much for the great idea. Regards, Zebrina

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cynthiazone3(z3MN Can)

would the Clematis and rose survive the winter in whole wooden barrels in zone 3?

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To Cynthia: I doubt clematis or roses would survive winter in barrels in z3 or z4, even if they were mulched and/or wrapped well. Hope someone with experience regarding this will reply to you. Regards, Zebrina

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Planted 31 red Knockout roses for hedge, came in 3 1/2" pots from nursery in Nebraska. Planted in prepared bed with composted horse manure, mulched with preforated landscape plastic. Planted in April and they got frosted and turned brown overnight. Thought I had lost them, but they came back and have grown vigorously, blooming profusely since late June. The blooms are long lasting, petals are thick and waxy. Have been deadheading them only because I like to, they say it's not required. They have been desease and pest free, don't seem to attract 'The Beetle', maybe because they prefer my hollyhocks. It's Oct 14, and they are still loaded with blooms and new buds and still growing, evidenced by reddish new growth, which turns a dark green after awhile. One thing I did do was water them well. I used a hydrometer, and when they were getting dry, I soaked them with lukewarm water set in tubs by the hedge.
Although I shouldn't have to mulch them, I will in a few weeks to prevent any dieback. So far, I am very pleased with them, we'll see how thry come thru the winter.

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