Horn of Africa peppers from seed to harvest about 3.5 months

vanphammanhFebruary 16, 2013

Although the price lower at some other peppers, but this kind of chili are popular, so easy to consume. In particular, type of chili Africa has favorable characteristics in crops, such as fruit, cooked quickly and simultaneously, should harvest time each short period, restrictions left a lot of damage caused by pests . According to Tuan, golden horn peppers growing in Africa as well as some other crops, to apply scientific techniques, such as density planting techniques, use of fertilizers, crop protection products; to regularly monitor changes in disease of chilli to the spray solution, stop in time.When the peppers to the left, note the frequent pre-harvest diseases such as anthracnose, fruit rot; should not be too thick, Giveaway . in addition to effectively benefit from the product, the surface soil cover short-term industrial cropsGovernment also has a positive effect in protecting the soil,Sweepstakes , retain moisture, prevent erosion and runoff during the rainy season. After harvest, barefoot was added a significant amount of mulch, rubber better growth as obtained from stem and root nutrient content of the plants

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweepstakes, Giveaway

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mctiggs(2b (WPG, MB))

Not really a fan of peppers that are "easy to consume"...

Nor am I a fan of using forums to link unsuspeciting users to scams.

I wish you "rubber better growth", pal.

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