What's the real scoop on apple trees from St. Lawrence Nurseries?

NorthernFruitGrowerFebruary 11, 2011

I am living in zone 3 of northern Minnesota and am thinking about starting an orchard for cider apples but many cider apples aren't adapted to a climate as cold as the one I'm in. St. Lawrence Nurseries claims to produce trees on Antonovka rootstock that can take cold winters. I looked at the varieties that they say can grow in zone 3 with the standard size rootstock and they are cultivars that everybody else says can only go as far north as zone 4 or 5. Has anyone else out there ordered apple trees from them before and are they actually as cold hardy as they claim to be? Also how long did it take before your trees began to fruit on the Antonovka rootstock? Thanks.

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I've never ordered from them but I just checked Garden Watchdog for their rating and they have 35 positive and 2 negatives. You can also read comments there. Maybe someone else here has ordered from them and can tell you more.

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Since I live on the northern edge of zone 4, I can't attest to hardiness in colder zones, but everything I have ordered from St. Lawrence has survived over the years. The items weren't as big as some of the trees (or in several cases, ex-trees) I have ordered elsewhere, but they are all healthy. Last year was the first time I ordered an apple tree from them, so it isn't of bearing size yet. The pears take several years. Hoping for a harvest of cherries, grapes, and plums this year. Have had some blueberries and lingonberries already. Northwoodswis

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