Hector the Collector

runktrun(z7a MA)March 28, 2010

I doubt that there are any hobbies or activities that have as many sub interest groups within their ranks as gardening does. Below I have attempted to describe some of these sub groups, please feel free to edit or ad some descriptions of your own. What groups do you belong to?

1. Wanda the One of Each Wonder her goal is to have one of each plant on the planet that could possibly survive even by the thinnest definition of survival in her zone.

2. Hector the Collector has narrowed his collection to a specific genus of plants and accumulates as many different varieties of that particular family as possible. Labeling is an essential skill for Hector because often the subtle differences between two plants can only be detected by Hector and the National (insert name of genus) Organization.

3. Debbie the Designer there is no crime greater than the sentiment attached to the flowering Mothers Day trees and shrubs in landscapes across the nation that time and again alter even the best landscape design.

4. Peter the Propagator who always carries a pair on pruners wherever he goes and often wears an Ilex or Viburnum cutting in his lapel. His friends and family refuse to join him on any arboretum stroll for fear of incarceration.

5. Winnie the Winter Sower is passionate about the 876 plastic containers that line her drive way for half of the year and is often found dumpster diving at the recycling center. It should be noted that winter sowing is a sub, sub group of Seed Sowers and often believe any seed sown directly in the ground lacks virility.

6. Larry the Lawn Guy purchased a ride on mower rather than his dream car at mid-life mows his lawn in such a way as to leave for a few short hours intricate patterns in the turf. It should be noted that Larry refuses to plant any tree or shrub that might shade or drop leaf litter on his lawn.

7. Rock Gardener Rodger Is a patient, patient, man willing to wait a century or two for his garden to finally cover more ground that the umpteen yards of mulch that he spreads each spring.

8. Gerry the Giant Veggie Gardener Combines his love for heavy equipment with irrigation techniques to grow sumu sized veggies. The internal competition within this sub group is far more fierce than a wrestling match.

9. Native Plant Nancy Â..

  1. Francine the Fragrant FlowerÂ.

  2. Eddie the Edible LandscaperÂ.

  3. Barbara BulbsÂ.

  4. William the Wildlife AttractorÂ.

  5. Ollie the Organic GardenerÂ.

  6. Henrietta HeirloomÂ.

  7. Rose the RoseÂ.

  8. Four Season FredÂ.

  9. Cutting Garden CaliÂ.

  10. House Plant HarryÂ.

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mskee(z6 MA)

Sally the Seven Thousand Seeds Sower: Harvests seeds from her own plants, buys more from catalogs, and trades for others. Sets up florescent lights in starting in December, wreaking havoc with the electric bill.

hmmm....wonder why I know so much about this one? ;)

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runktrun(z7a MA)

Lol, sounds as though Sally needs a greenhouse!

Barbara Bulbs Barbara is a junkie for the unexpected, nothing makes her happier than a surprise party, that is nothing except bulb gardening. Once that bulb is in the ground it is totally forgotten until the following spring when it bursts out of the ground rapidly flowering and surprising Barbara yet again.

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