Asia's 'Hosta Hill'

don_in_coloradoAugust 13, 2014

Found a photo of Mt. Fuji taken from the summit. (According to the caption that accompanied the pic) Wow. I think I see a drift of Fujibotan! Do ya see it, it's the green stuff way down there ; ) Nice pic, in my opinion.

Anyone have blooming Fujibotan yet? Mine is sending up scapes at the moment; They never opened last year for me. Fingers crossed.

Don B.

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Last year; the scapes came up, but the flowers never opened. What a tease!

The plant is considerably larger this season (Not like Mocc's big green beastie, though) maybe I'll get some double-blossoms.

Don B.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Don, what an original opener! It is breathtaking, isn't it? Wow!

Love your Fujibotan - it has been bumped up on my want list where it has been for two years...what's the matter with me? Lol. I must admit though, I do enjoy pronouncing the Japanese names.. Hayuga also on the list

Can you describe the texture of yours please? And....I really hope it blooms for you this year!

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Jon 6a SE MA

Ichi ban, The mystic Mt Fuji. I have seen it only once live. They announced (on a plane) that catching site of it was unusual and very good luck as it is usually obscured by clouds.

Other photos of Fujibotan show some really nice flowers with a purplish tinge to them which is showing on yours. It's spending its energy growing now, but will send up some nice big scapes as it grows.


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Hmmm, Don, very nice. I guess the old rule of thumb that the hosta bloom at the same time regardless of geo location is up for reinterpretation. A new paradigm is needed here.

I have two of them. I wanted to check to make sure that my first one was not screwed up, so I got the second one. It is in its first year and did not bloom.

The bigger one did bloom, and it was so nice. More than half of them opened. It was so nice to see them. However, nothing will be as marvelous as when I saw it for the first time. I was beside myself with joy, like I was a week or so back about watching Mama plantaginea and Doubled Up opening after dark.

Hope yours comes on strong for you, Don.

Maybe we learn what triggers the blooming impulse.

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I remember one of yours was quite a nice size and blooming profusely, Mocc. (They were last season's pics, as are mine above)
Jon, that's good timing you got to see Mt. Fuji. Very cool.

Jo, I guess I'd call the texture nice and smooth, kind of like an Ivy leaf. As far as substance, it's decent, maybe slightly above average. Mine's not mature by any means though. If you are an afficinado of the greenies, it's a nice one to have. : )

Don B.

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I'm trying to retrieve the photos from last and this year on Flickr, and their search function is not working. Blank page. Somebody else having trouble with Flickr?

So here is one using the GWeb uploader.
Fujibotan, giving you the best shot This was taken 7/3/14 so basically it had begun blooming in June both 2013 and 2014.

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Here is the whole plant June 27 2014. I like greenies too.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Thanks, Don! I see that the hosta retains the gentle wavy margin by Mocc's pic..which one doesn't see that often in a solid least I don't recall off the top of my head.

Mocc, it's a splendid beauty! Is this the one that I remember you posting a pic(s) last year where you showed a double...or was it a triple-decker flower? It was, and is, gorgeous...that soft hue...

You and Don (inspiring and informing home gardeners) seem to appreciate a lot of the same hostas...aside from Fragrants ... and I enjoy learning about hostas that have significance beyond that of eye-catching variegation or streaking. My treasured Lancifolia comes to my appreciation for hostas continues to grow.


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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Don, that's quite the dramatic introduction for Fujibotan. You're not in the film business, are you? Hope the flowers open for you this year.

Moc, beautiful hosta, the scapes appear robust (you don't have to tie them, eh?) and the double flower is exquisite. Wish I had one!

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Beautiful Mocc!

LOL irawon, no, no movies for me. I started to make this thread for the topic of Fujibotan, but finding this pic a couple of weeks ago, I wished to share it with the forum. I recalled that Fujibotan was actually first discovered on a slope of mount Fuji, so presto! I was able to share the pic AND stay on topic.

I have NO idea how feasible (or even possible) it is, but I often think about the type of flowers that might be created should this plant have a successful cross with plantaginea. Yes, I dream. : )

Don B.

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