Rutgers Ag Days Tomato Tasting...How was it?

leigh711(z6)September 3, 2005

Had a nice sampling of various tomatoes & garlic at the Sussex County Fair..did anyone go to The Rutgers Tomato Tasting this past Wednesday?

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Yes, I enjoyed the event. My first time there. I thought it was well organized and "delicious." I saved a few seeds, though I haven't the foggiest what to do with them next! Do I store them in the fridge until planting time?

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Loretta NJ Z6

Clean them and dry them out. You don't have to keep them in the fridge.
I missed the event again. I even had a chance to have worked it but seems we always have plans when this event comes around.

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carlanne(7 NJ coastal)

I enjoyed my first trip to the tasting also. In addition to tasting, I like seeing the various ways to support the tomatoes (although none were really successful fully), and the trial gardens where tomatoes were treated with Serenade. The deer resistant garden plants and the perennial garden were interesting, as was the hay ride around the facility. I would definetely attend again if possible. Brought home sees from 4 varieties.

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The seeds put in a cup of water or one cup per variety, let sit till scum forms a few days later rinse them off , I use a tea strainer and run water from the faucet on them to get any gel etc off them, I let them dry on a paper towel and put them in envelope after they dry. Did this with some tomatoes had this winter and they are now all producing nice tomatoes for me. Those got preped outside in the 20's temps too. They do ferment and do smell so iffy if you want to do this in your house.

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Let them ferment for five days - the viable seeds will sink to the bottom. Drying them on a coffee filter will make it easier to scrape them off than on a paper towel.
If you're going to put the container outside, cover with gauze or screening to keep flies off. I just did mine on the kitchen window sill - I'm not doing huge quantities and didn't detect much of an odor.
For more details, try the tomato forum and look up the fac.

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