hugabug(z5NJ)September 29, 2006

i would like to know when the best time to plant garlic is....spring? fall? early? late?

what other garlic secrets should i know?

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njtea(NJ Z6)

The only thing I know about garlic is that it should be planted in the fall....also that there are two kinds of garlic, hardneck and softneck, one is supposed to be more flavorful than the other and one is supposed to keep better than the other - but don't ask me which is which.

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Ohhhh, I planted garlic last fall and have been enjoying the harvest. Definitely not grocery store garlic.

My understanding is that the hardnecks have more flavor, the softnecks have a longer "shelf life".

Based on something I read in one of the forums here, I ordered from They have, I think, an interesting and informative website and a mind-boggling variety of garlic ... the descriptions read more like a wine list.

Here in NJ you can plant any time now and as long as the soil can be worked; reportedly, it can even be planted in early spring. I'd do it now - you'll probably find a better selection available, and it will give the cloves time to get some roots growing. They'll be fine through winter, especially if you mulch them. When the scapes appear next spring, you can trim those and use like chives or green onion. Prepare the bed well, then prepare for a delight next summer and beyond.


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I have been growing garlic for two years now. Bought my stock from, a site that also has a lot of good info on how to grow garlic. I recommend hardnecks (they provide scapes, among other reasons).

I usually plant in October, but will be adding one extra early (i.e. July) row and one spring row this year to see what happens.

I generally find that NJ harvest dates are earlier than those generally suggested on garlic sites. Not sure why.

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