Mexican Petunia

sugar_magnolia(z6 Hamilton, NJ)September 4, 2005

Does anyone have experience with Mexican Petunias? I planted 3 large plants early summer and they did beautifully--didn't mind the humidity one bit.

When I purchased them from Home Depot, they were labelled Mandevilla Vine. Of course, it took me a while to find out what they really were--I happened to be watching an episode of P Allen Smith and and he identified it.

So, now that I know what the plants are, I've looked online to see how to care for them. Well, the reportedly are not hardy in zone 6. However, I have seen a pix online that show Mexican Petunias planted in Central Park. Does anyone know if they will overwinter here in NJ? I'd hate to lose them--but I don't want to dig them up and bring indoors, either.

BTW, I paid $20/piece for them at HD. Was this a fair price--or did I pay for a costlier Mandevilla?

Finally, I read on another forum that several folks had grown them in their gardens in the South and truly regretted it. They reported the plant to be very invasive. Does anyone know this to be true? How can I manage the plant?

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I've not had them survive winter outdoors, even with mulch. However they'll survive in a 35-40 degree garage if kept slightly moist. Ruellia caroliniensis is hardy here and reseeds as well. I'll have the latter at the Swap on October 1st. I'll also have R. coccinea, a tender red flowered species which is 'hardy' on a winter windowsill.

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