Poor Harvest Thanks to Drought

mulchwoman(metuchen,nj)September 15, 2005


Yesterday I brought in 4 tiny pathetic green peppers. I still have some tomatoes out there (green). I got a total of one acorn squash from a huge plant, but I think the drought somehow prevented the formation of female flowers. The earlier garden things, snow peas, stringbeans, broccoli were all OK, but the later things really suffered. My tomatoes did fairly well, but overall this was not a good year. We had about a half hour of rain here yesterday, but not enough to do any good. We really haven't had a real rain since June.

Lets hope next year is better.

How did everybody else do?


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i'm sorry for your poor showing but i did just fine. i'm sure it's because i watered deeply every 3-4 days -- that's really all it takes. tomatoes coming in now are the biggest i've ever grown and pepper plants are covered with fruit. i'm doing MUCH better than last year when much of the season was wet and coolish, promoting leaf and fruit rot. on the whole, i'll take drought.

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Overall I had a better year last year. Most tomatoes stopped producing mid July and my peppers were so so at best. My pumpkins were a disaster this year, not a one. That said the taste of my tomatoes was definitely better this year, go figure.

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Loretta NJ Z6

A french acquaintance I met once told me he thought the french vegetables tasted better because we have too much water in our fruit. So that is one theory for you evan1.

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This Year i have never ever ,water my tomatoes plants.Still i had the largest harvest ever.I am growing tomatoes peppers and herbs,in my backyard on same spot since 1993.I still have countless one pound tomatoes and ,grape tom.When i started first year i would water.I noticed it doesn't do any good.Regards

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ladychroe(z6 NJ)

I don't know, Herman2... I thought I'd let my tomatoes fight the drought by themselves, and almost every single fruit got blossom end rot. Lesson learned.

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My tomatoes and peppers were pathetic this year. The hot peppers are going gangbusters though. I don't water much, don't get quite enough sun, and get what I get. There is always next year!

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I use an overhead sprinkler on the veggies and this year it was going every week. I got 125 pounds of tomatoes and there are still a few left to pick. And basil. And string beans. A woodchuck took care of the squash for me (and I took care of him but too late).

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My tomatoes weren't their greatest, but better than last year. My bell peppers were the best they'd ever been, and they're still going!

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sugar_magnolia(z6 Hamilton, NJ)

I watered a lot and I had lots of tomatoes -- and they're still growing. Peppers were a big disapointment -- very low yield of the orange, red, and yellow varieties. I had lots of mesculine. Peas and string beans did pretty well. Herbs grew heavily. Cantel\oupe honeydews, eggplant and zuchinni all did OK. The yellow squah didn't bear any fruit.

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Bummer tomato year...even with watering and disease resistant varieties I still had some sort of leaf fungus/disease/blossom end rot. Too much humidity I quess. Peppers were very late and not very prolific. Eggplants were and still are explosive. This is my first year growing canteloupe and had seven fruits out of three plants...but lackluster taste...too much water? Figtree still young with only 4 breba.
This is only my second year gardening and while I've learned a lot... I can't figure out this persistant tomato problem.
I still have carrots and beets in long pots...can they survive a frost?

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I'm glad I'm not alone! My veggie garden on LBI (which I depend on Mother Nature to water during the week) was sad. The tomatoes were OK but the peppers and egg plants were tiny. I watered on the weekend and fed with fish emulsion but with no luck! The only good crop was cucumbers and this was my first year for them. Go figure!

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