Blanchette Gardens Nursery Closing

sedum37(Z5 MA)March 19, 2013

Blanchette Gardens in Carlisle MA closing soon. See this on their home page:

----- After 32 years, we have decided to retire and will be closing the nursery
as soon as we sell off our inventory.-----

We want to thank all of our customers over the years, for their faithful support. It has been a very difficult decision.

We will begin the year with a 25% discount on all our plants. You will need to shop early for the best selection as some plants will be in short supply. This will be your last chance to get many of the rare and unusual plants we list. We will not save plants for anyone, it is first come first serve. We will open May 4, 2013.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanchette Gardens Web site

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bostongardens(z6 MA)

Although I haven't visited in years, I have many wonderful memories of the Carlisle gardens and of the Blanchette family.

In fact, I recently came across notes I took when Leo spoke at our Landscape Design Council (formerly Landscape Design Critics Council) meeting on April 29, 1992 -- "Perennials Spring to Frost." Great information and some really funny quotes!

Maybe I'll post some of them on

I'm sure somewhere in my messy office I have lists of the plants I purchased from Blanchette's. I'm hopeful I haven't killed them all.

Best Wishes, Leo and family! And, thanks for the memories!

~ Hilda

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I love Blanchette Gardens Nursery and am sad they're closing

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The Seawrights last year; Leo this year. There will be nothing of serious value left in Carlisle but Kimball Farms ice cream; and you can't very well plant that. Must we now drive to New Hampshire for hosta and its green friends?

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sedum37(Z5 MA)

Wow I didn't know about Seawrights! Sad too many great places to buy plants are closing. I don't want to be stuck with Lowes and Home Depot!

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What do you mean drive to New Hampshire for hosta? I can't believe you don't know about Rainbow Mums in Carlisle, right down the street from Blanchette's. You really have been missing out on some nice things. Mark Phillippo has been selling hosta for years and they are amazing. Not to mention all the other perennials, grasses and other stuff he sells. Here's the website They are on Facebook too. They are opening May 1 this year. I can't wait.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Anyone else at Blanchette's today? It was absolutely mobbed. Everything was 25% off. I was buying Hostas for the NEHS summer Auction. Believe me it is hard to find plants that collectors don't already have, but Blanchette's has some older culitivars that are not being sold in many places today.

In any case I had to park on the street and wait in line for about an hour, that's how crowded it was. No wagons or carts available, I just had to drag flats full of plants to the register. The line was as long as the one at Space Mountain. Still it was a good time as we all talked plants while standing in line. It seemed like everyone had at least one plant that they were "expert" with. It was common to see someone leave the line, to get another plant while someone held their place.

I think I'll go back, but I'll wait until the crowds calm down. They are holding regular hours this year. The inventory will likely draw down, but the plants are great and the prices can't be beat.


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ontheteam(5a-6 (S.Eastern, MA))

I am so sorry to hear they are closing! They have been a kind supporter of the plant sale do for Childrens Hospital in Boston,Marlene has dealt more personally with them then I have but she RAVES about how nice the people are.

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thyme2dig and I were there. I got there at 8:15 and even got a wagon. I needed a cart but couldn't pull it. I haven't mentioned it, but I fell this winter and broke my shoulder and wrist and between the two I'm still pretty ineffective at any activity requiring full strength and range of motion.
Nevertheless, I bought about 50 plants for my new woodland garden. Uncharacteriscally, I even had a list. Even stranger, I had a pen and crossed things off as I got them.
My partner in crime (t2d) aided and abetted, shuttling wagonfulls of plants. She never once said "do you really need that?" And if she had, I might have felt a twinge of guilt but would have bought it anyway.
Groundcovers, groundcovers, groundcovers.

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Has anyone been recently? I went shortly after they opened, but it looked like a lot had already been sold, but will inventory still left. Are there still a lot of plants left?

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bostongardens(z6 MA)

I "liked" Blanchette's Facebook page and recently received an update from them.

~ Hilda

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Can't believe I just saw this thread. I'm very sorry to hear this but it seems to be what happens to family businesses unless they are very big-dollar enterprises. Newbury Perennial Gardens was another that closed last year. There are fewer and fewer small nurseries owned by knowledgeable and passionate gardeners, it seems.

And, bostongardens, I was at that LDC meeting in 1992 as well. Too funny. I remember Leo Blanchette speaking because of something in particular that he said that didn't sit well with me! But a great nursery....

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bostongardens(z6 MA)

ginny12 ~

Too funny is right! I wonder how many other meetings we've both attended since 1992?

~ Hilda

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I'm getting my calculator out now, Hilda....A lot!

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