Salvia cuttings

wardw(z6 NJ)September 27, 2005

The hummingbird garden at Rancocas Nature Center near Mt. Holly has maxed out. With frost rapidly approaching it is time to take cuttings. Anyone who wants to stop by is welcome to take cuttings now, but please don't mutilate the plants since the garden is peaking right now. Please email me to let me know if you are going, so I can let the center know.

The list of plants from which you can take cuttings:

Salvia Uliginosa, Salvia greggii Navaho Red, Salvia X Marachino, Salvia Microphylla San Carlos Festival, Salvia Microphylla Wild Watermelon, Salvia Guarantica Black & Blue, and Salvia X Indigo Spires.

All are effective hummingbird plants. Any cuttings taken at this time of year would have to be overwintered inside and not planted out until May. While some but not all of these plants are marinally hardy in southern Jersey, they would have enough time to grow a proper root system.

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njtea(NJ Z6)

Thanks, Wardw, for posting this. I'd like to urge anyone in the vicinity of the Rancocas Nature Center to take advantage of this. The salvias are fantastic hummer plants. Mine are even now putting forth a lot of new blooms - and I still have hummers taking advantage of them.

I took cuttings of my greggiis last week and they are have rooted already. I grow mine in large pots that I bring into the cellar way for a couple of years until they are just too big to handle and then I take cutting and start all over again.

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Thanks for the info. I'll be up that way on Saturday for the swap, so I'll try to stop in the morning. Do I need to talk to someone in more detail, or just take my snips? I promise to take only a couple clippings, and such that they won't be missed.

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wardw(z6 NJ)

You could ask for Mary and tell her that Ward said it was OK. Even if she's not there, feel free to take cuttings. Anyone who wants Salvia Coccinea "Lady in Red" seed should also help themselves. Next year I plan to introduce a few more salvias and other hummingbird plants into the gardens there. So if any of you have hummer plants that you would like to see introduced to the public, please let me know. These plants could then be parcelled out as cuttings at the end of the season.

Have fun at Steve's swap. I have to lead a field trip that morning so I don't expect to make it. His garden is one of the most interesting gardens I've ever known

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Loretta NJ Z6

Hi wardw, thanks for the info. I haven't forgotten about the seeds from S. splendens Paul. It didn't make any seed on the first flowers and then didn't flower again til much later. Now it looks like it is starting to make a few seeds.

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wardw(z6 NJ)

Thanks Loretta.

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