zoysia grass - looking for more

luvdbirds(NJ)September 4, 2005

I have several patches of zoysia grass in my yard - the rest dies (every year I seed new grass seed and by August it is dead). You can't kill zoysia grass and I'm trying to find a good way to spread it around the yard. I try to take little plugs but that doesn't give me much to work with. Any ideas ? Can you buy plugs somewhere??

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I can GIVE you plenty of zoysia if you are willing to dig it out. I have zoysia that I want to remove. I will have to pay someone to do that. So, if you want it you can dig it out for free.

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Post your zoysia under the exchanges as "free - you dig", and I'm sure you will get some takers. So where in SNJ are you? My MIL wants some of the slow growing type...

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Thanks Annie. I'm new to this & didn't know what to do.
I live about 20 minutes from Phila.

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I have zoysia grass that I need to remove. You can have it free if you dig it out. I live in So. Jersey (Woodbury area).

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Hello. How much zoysia do you have and do you still have it?

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I used a sod cutter last spring & removed a big chunk of zoysia from my lawn because I couldnt keep it out of the flower beds. I live across the street from a schoool & the parents picking up their kids took the sod cuts away! Even so, it still rears its ugly head in my garden from time to time. Zoysias nice in the drought, but not near a bed.

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