Looking for wild grape vine source

rubythorneSeptember 7, 2006

My grandmother grew wild grapes in her yard and made the most wonderful jelly out of it. I am going to grow a vine to shade an area of my yard and want to grow one. Does anyone know where I could buy a wild grape cutting? Am having trouble locating a reputable source for a wild grape vine. I know I'm strange, most people try to get rid of them! But it has sentimental value to me. Thanks for any help.

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Different areas have different wild grapes. Where did your grandmother live and where in Missouri are you. If I can find it or someone knows the name there was a site in New York that had a large number of wild grapes. My mother made jelly from two different types one that ripened mid summer and one lin late September. A hint when you do make jelly. Add lemon juice to it or it will taste really bad. Most wild grapes taste nasty on the vine but good when cooked for jelly or jam.

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Are you sure that it was 'wild grape' that your grandmother grew? Most wild grapes are not known for their flavor, and planting a wild one might prove a disappointment. Perhaps you should look into heirloom grape varieties that might have been popular in your grandma's day.

This book might be a good source:

Here is a link that might be useful: Grape Grower

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Fox Grape, Vitis labrusca is just finishing. Grapes are large, blue/black and with a thick skin. Underside of leaf is like beige colored felt. In the wild they are commonly found growing in walnut trees.
Fox grapes have a very strong and pungent grape flavor. Excellent for juice and jelly. I cook the grapes, let the juice drip out, add sugar and pectin. Make jelly and pour into glasses and seal. You've never tasted better jelly.
P.S. never known Fox Grape to be commercially available.

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ahughes798(z5 IL)

Gosh...I have a grape that I have trained on a trellis by my back door. I call it wild grape. It grows all over the place, actually. But it never makes grapes. It only gets eastern light in the morning, that might be why. It makes little blooms in the spring that look like grapes, but they never develop. I'd be happy to send you some cuttings of the "Triffid", which is what we call it. Let me know.

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Rubythorne, where in MO are you? In SE MO (bootheel, my youthful home area), there is a wild grape (Vitis rotundifolia), commonly called Muscadine and/or Scuppernong grape, that are very sweet and are used extensively in the SE US for jam, jelly and home wine making. They are a fairly tender species and probably wouldn't survive if winter temperatures fall below 0F for a length of time. Many wild grapes are dioecious, requiring male & female vines, usually within 25 ft. of each other. Some selections and hybrids have been bred that are monoecious (hermaphroditic), having male & female flowers on the same plant. These are one's that are usually available from nurseries.
Good luck on your quest!

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rubythorne,When I was a kid,there were many species and varieties of wild grapes in the woods behind my house and the quality of fruit varied from inedible to actally very good,good enough for making grape juice/jelly.I think finding a vine with suitable fruit and taking a cutting is the only way of insuring that you will be growing something harvestable.

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I don't believe that the muscadine or scuppernog grape is a wild grape. I live in N.C and it is our state grape. There are several vineyards of them in N.C. They are full of nutrients and make great preserves,ect. and one of the best tasting grapes there is.One is dark colored and the other is green colored.They have brown lines on them. They are sold in grocery stores also.

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I'm also looking for Wild Grapes. They were abundant on a farm where I lived, 'next Zone over', but they're not growing locally. I think I can coax them to do so.
I'll be happy to receive seeds or cuttings, from anyone in Zones 4b or 4a.
(I live in the Ottawa Valley.)

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I just moved into a new house in September. There is a grape vine gone wild on our fencing. I had to cut it back, it was getting into the neighbor's tree and climbing over the privacy fence along the backside of our yard. I do not know if it produces fruit as this is the first growing season we have been here. But if it does, I will be more than happy to collect seed and start some plugs if you will still want them by then. Would be late summer or early fall before I can get to that point. Just let me know and I will put it on my "To Do" list.

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Ah, had I only known..... I just spent several seasons killing one in my yard! I don't think it's anything anyone would want, though; fruit was very small (though that could have been the location). I plant lots of natives, but this thing was very aggressive and situated near a neighbor's fence and trees; keeping it off the neighboring property was too much hassle.

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Yes, the muscadine is a wild grape. I live in a fairly new subdivision in the middle of nowhere, GA. It has almost become a nuisance when keeping up the border between my yard and the woods.

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This is a wild grape in my yard. I recall the berries being quite good - like a smaller grape with a concord flavor. I'd be happy to send you some cuttings.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I found a wild grape vine along a road while I was walking. Does anyone know how to get a cutting from it and what part do you use for the cutting?

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Cuttings are easy, take cuttings in late winter and stick in sand, will have roots in 5-6 months.

As to the original msg, there is a nursery in NW Tennessee producing Fox Grape, Peach Grove Nursery, you may wish to contact them if still looking for a source.

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