What Plant is This?

cccj179September 2, 2007

There is a plant in my yard that is annual, comes up in the spring, does not flower, and produces dark purple berries about 1 cm in diameter every summer. It does not look like a shrub it grows on stalks that are also a purplish color and grow to be about 7 ft tall with large green flat, smooth leaves. This is only the 3rd season I have seen them growing in this spot, I did not plant them and they seem to spread and grow taller every year. I have looked all over and have not seen them growing anywhere around, what type of plant is this?

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Sounds like Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana) . It does have flowers, you probably just did not notice them. You can't get berries without flowers (generally).

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It's also the plant mentioned in Tony Joe White's song 'Poke Salad Annie'.

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Thanks, that is exactly what they are and now that you mention it I guess they did have blooms.

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