Invasive grasslike weed in lawn

njgreenguySeptember 12, 2005

Can someone help me identify a light green grasslike weed that has appeared in my lawn for the last few years. It seems to appear in mid August each year and is easy to spot, since it it grows very upright and much faster than the surrounding turf grasses. The only control that seems to work is pulling each and every plant as it appears. They come out rather easily but reappear each year.

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scross4(z6 NJ)

Sounds like Nut Sedge to me. A lovely plant which I have to thank my neighbors for....and my township's free compost. Here is a link that describes it

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This weed which looks just like grass is fine and delicate. It is one of the first grasses to come up in the spring. As soon as temps rise the grass goes yellow. It is easily taken out in clumps as if one would be peeling away a carpet. It is very invasive. If I were to take it out right now, I would have many bare patches in my very small area of lawn. What type of weed is this and how can I get rid of it.
I live in Washington DC

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Take a look at Japanese stilt grass and see if it matches. If it does, very little kills it except glysophate(Round Up). You have to pull it up by hand.If it doesn't match, go to Rutger's Website and I believe there is a weed photo gallery there...this response is probably too late.

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