Interior Design Student with Question on Tree Planting for a Proj

katie0801September 13, 2013

Hi everyone,

I just joined today because i'm looking for some information on tree planting. I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this topic, but if you have any knowledge that could help, please leave a comment.

I am an interior design student, and i'm doing a design for a retail design experience store for a brand that makes sustainable products, where if you buy their product, they plant a tree. We have to create a store based on the new trend of the brand exerience store, a more interactive approach to retail since so many people these days can just buy online. One of my ideas was that when they make the purchase, they could somehow plant their tree in store, and be shipped out that day to its destination.

I don't know anything about this, and don't know if this would be possible. This is an actual brand that works with American Forests and Trees for the People, and I would just like to know if this would actually be possible and practical in real life, and if these companies, or another company does something like this.

I'm thinking that, to plant a tree in store, for it to be an experience it would have to start as a seed, because wouldn't a baby tree already need to be planted? You cant just unplant a baby tree and give it to a customer to plant, only to replant once again somewhere permantly...right?

Please leave your thoughts and insight!

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The place to post this question is the Trees forum here on Gardenweb - the regulars there know just about everything about trees.

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Growing trees from seeds is not always a very easy process and sure as heck is not very fast. My experience with the retail world is simply sticking a seed in a small pot of dirt is not gonna cut any ice - folks want something they can SEE, not a maybe promise of something to come.. Bare root seedlings - little baby trees often sold or sometimes given away by the local forest service or DNR - would make a much better impact. But they are not the easiest things to care for before planting, even more so for store sales associates that may not be "plant people".

Have you considered partnering with a local independent garden center where you (the store) would supply the customer with a coupon/certificate redeemable for a small potted tree at the nursery. I can think of all sorts of reasons why the nursery/garden center would appreciate being involved, not the least is free publicity, but visitors to nurseries seldom leave with just the "free" plant they came for. Get 'em on site and no telling how much they could spend :-))

Another alternative is that the store customer's patronage goes to support some sort of reforestation or a native area or public tree planting operation like in a park or cemetery or boulevard planting, etc. This could be done as some sort of 'sustainability' celebration or public gathering, maybe even with name tags so customers would know exactly where "their" tree was planted.

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Not a very efficient way to do it...You have to ship a tree in a pot from wherever the store is to wherever the land you are trying to reforest is.

If the purpose is to make them feel an active part of the process, what about having them fill out a form choosing what kind of tree they want to have planted, or having them use skype to see the tree get planted?

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