Hello, re-intro and Seedling ID question

starsplitter(4/5 New Eng)March 17, 2013

Hello forum members,

I have not posted to GW for a long while, but have recently been perusing the New England Gardening and Winter Sowing forums.

I would like help identifying a seedling (now about 5" tall).
I will try to link some pics. I emerged from a little pot with previously used potting mix in it when I was attempting to root some store-bought cilantro (root section). The stem is round and has some hairs. No odor or fragrance. Maybe zinnia? salvia (but no odor). The cilantro died because I forgot to water it, but some seed from last summer woke up and grew. It looks so darn familiar to me, but I can't place it. Maybe it's a weed ;)

I have been tinkering around w gardens and landscaping for years now but have many other interests. I do a lot of cooking, and Southeast Asian cooking.

I am Looking forward to reconnecting and sharing.
(I am including the seedling from the top. The leaves are opposite. It appears I can only include a single photo.)

Thanks for any tips or ID on this one.

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

Looks like snapdragon to me.

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Good call madgallica, I second the snapdragon.

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starsplitter(4/5 New Eng)

Thanks so much, madgallica and bebe. That's got to be it.

Maybe I'll ask about the no ID delicious green when ripe tomato. I got that plant in a six pack of heirloom tomatoes.

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Welcome back!

My snapdragons' foliage is usually very glossy, almost waxy - never hairy. You might try posting this on the 'name that plant' forum - I've had really good luck there.

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Is calendula a possibility?

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Any chance it's a sunflower?

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carol6ma_7ari(zones 6 & 7a)

Looks like a sunflower to me. We get lots of those seedlings in summer after the birds scatter feeder contents all winter.


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starsplitter(4/5 New Eng)

Wow, you are all such helpful troubleshooters.

I've been checking out your suggestions and I am amazed at how alike some plants can look early on, even after the seed leaves.

Carol6ma -- I think it could very well be a sunflower. We feed BOS to the birds until late spring (and not until the cold weather as last year a black bear came to raid the feeder). Now I will have to be sure it survives, so that I can see what it is. I also had some snapdragons in the area last summer, but diggingthedirt, I see what you mean about the foliage on that.
Thanks again, everyone.

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