green balls, what kind of tree?

rosie22October 1, 2011

Hi, new here...found this site, when looking for info on a tree we have...some things on the internet that are close, but not the match...we're not far from caldwell, we have a tree that has already lost most of its balls still remain on the tree, many fall off each day...they're in clusters...i really don't see that as black walnuts, hedge balls or the orange one some people suggest...the leaves didn't really turn colors...the balls are about the size of golf balls, kind of the color of the inside of kiwis...there seems to be a dark brown nut insider, kind of rugged, that quickly turns black when sitting in the yard for a few days...they disintegrate and are very ugly...if they weren't picked up, we'd have hundreds on the back lawn...the inside of the ''ball'' puts me in mind of an avocado, before it disintegrates...

any ideas?

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Sounds like a chestnut. I'm not far from Caldwell too, and we've got one in our yard. There is apparently a fungus to which the trees are prone, which causes the early leaf loss.

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